Software for fiduciaries

How to take your cooperation with customers to another dimension.

New technologies are changing how we communicate and collaborate. They are also changing the fiduciary business. With the right tools, you can visualise your insights, network with your customers, automate routine tasks and join forces with other value-creation partners in ecosystems. This means that you as a fiduciaries are now confronted with an array of new technological tasks.

Abacus Business Software was created by fiduciaries like us for fiduciaries like you. For more than 35 years, we have combined the latest digital developments with the proven technology of Abacus as an experienced Abacus partner. By almost completely digitalising collaboration with your customers, you will streamline your processes and fundamentally change your business model.

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Digital integration made easy

The integrated Abacus solution for fiduciaries offers everything you need for successful digital collaboration with your customers.

Your customer is at the centre of this digital toolkit. They select the right combination for them from a variety of applications – from a free invoicing system to a complete professional solution. All data is always seamlessly synchronised between all components. This makes your collaboration extremely efficient by significantly reducing expensive large-scale processing. Which allows you to concentrate on your traditional core tasks relating to financial statements, taxes and consulting.

For your customers


The free online ERP for cash register invoicing, integrated time recording and simple accounting that is synchronised directly with you. Read more here.

A complete professional solution with modules for ERP, finance, HR/payroll, project accounting, digital payment transactions and more. Read more here.

A new HR portal which can be used as an intranet solution to complement AbaWeb. This allows employees to manage their personal data and superiors to perform their HR tasks. Read more here.

The mobile app for recording time, services and expenses. Read more here.

A time-recording terminal with badge reader for effective time management. Read more here.

For you as a fiduciary

Abacus Business Software offers a reliable foundation for successful cooperation with your customers – and comes with a range of benefits:

  • Guaranteed update support from Abacus for the past 35 years
  • Always meets the latest legal requirements
  • Multiple-user capability
  • New modules can be added simply at any time
  • Flexible cooperation between you and your customers based on different subscription models, combined with individual fiduciary agreements

By fiduciaries for fiduciaries

With Abacus Business Software, we offer you a wide range of proven standards for the fiduciary sector. We would be happy to discuss your questions and the specialist topics of our profession with you.

From a single source

You want a contact person who can answer your questions so you can work efficiently with your new solution. With good reason. We not only provide you with Abacus Business Software – we also offer useful tips for individual applications like time recording or for your entire digital transformation.

Side by side

As an experienced Abacus partner, we offer you continuity and security. We have been working with many of our customers for a long time – some of our business relationships go back as far as 20 years. Along this journey, we create solutions that grow with our shared experience.

How we collaborate with clients

During a preliminary discussion, we analyse your strategic goals and draw up a road map for your digital integration. This comprehensive analysis includes your technical equipment as well as past and future cooperation models with your customers.

We support you directly on site to ensure that you can work efficiently in your new environment. After we have installed all the systems, we perform stress and performance checks on the technical connections. 

As an Abacus partner with many years of experience, we support you and your pilot customers with the rollout of mobile solutions such as AbaClik, myAbacus, time recording, cash register systems and other applications. We also keep your system up to date and support you when adding new modules.

After installing your new Abacus Business Software, you can still count on our active support.

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