Information Design according to IBCS – writing clear and meaningful reports

Apply the “HICHERT®SUCCESS“ rules and write clear and meaningful reports in line with the international Business Communication Standards (IBCS).

HICHERT®SUCCESS developed by Prof. Dr. Rolf Hichert is a proven set of rules for structuring reports: short for “Say – Unify – Check – Condense – Express – Simplify – Structure”, this concept helps you standardise both the content and the form of your reports.

Reports are often compiled by a number of different departments or divisions, so that they tend to be irregular in their style and structure, lacking an overall concept. This impairs legibility, and some information may even be misinterpreted. HICHERT@SUCCESS, however, sets a clear form of language for the structuring of reports. This enables an unbiased and clear view on information and data – regardless of the media used.

HICHERT®SUCCESS - your benefits

  • The core statements of the report are immediately visible.
  • Content is structured in a uniform way and not repeated unnecessarily.
  • Information is presented without distracting decorative elements.
  • Data are presented in a uniform manner due to the clear definition of values, metrics and similarity.
  • Content is reduced to only the most important
  • A thorough review of the reports, ensures mistakes are eliminated.

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