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Stay mobile while you work – with the Abacus apps and PwC

Synchronise with your office at any time

With the mobile apps from Abacus, you can work anywhere and view your data, tasks or processes in HR and finance. This makes your company faster and more efficient, as all your employees can communicate with one another via smart mobile applications and complete their tasks seamlessly and smoothly. The mobile Abacus apps enable you to do all this and much more.

Everything that eases your work

Synchronise working hours and absences, manage time accounts, define expense types, view expenses, assign VAT codes or integrate any software into your main application: whatever HR administration requires, you are in safe hands with the mobile Abacus apps and PwC as your partner. We not only provide you with the right application, such as AbaCliK and AbaClock, but also with standards, templates and processes that have proven to be effective in your industry.

A suitable service for every task

From your time recording terminal to the mobile app for time, expense and performance recording and the special software for service technicians, Abacus offers a variety of mobile applications for different tasks. We at PwC make sure that the new solution fits perfectly your company’s and your employees’ needs.

AbaCliK – goodbye paper!

Your administrative tasks include recording, sharing, changing or requesting expenses, working hours, absences, benefits, travel expenses and employee data. The smartphone app AbaCliK from Abacus Research AG reduces those tasks to just a few clicks, is flexible, transparent and fully integrated. You and your employees can synchronise all of the information with your Abacus Business Software.

Find out how to use the Abacus app AbaCliK in this video.

Click here to download AbaCliK in the AppStore or with Google Play.

AbaClock – your new terminal for time recording

As required by law (exceptions excluded), your employees must always record their working hours. AbaClock from Abacus Research AG helps you to substantially simplify this process. Using one or more stationary iPads, your employees use a badge to record their working hours. The terminals communicate with each other via WiFi. In this way, the employees can clock in in one place and clock out in another. The data is synchronised with the Abacus App AbaCliK and is available in your Abacus Business Software.

Learn more about the Abacus app AbaClock here.

AbaService – how to keep your customer service agile and mobile

With AbaService from Abacus Research AG you can process service orders directly at your customer’s location. Your service technicians can report malfunctions, communicate information or record customer data on the move, regardless of their location. Travel times and time for repairs can be processed efficiently, and sales materials or spare parts can also be conveniently selected from the product catalogue. Once all of the necessary data has been entered, your customer can sign the order online, directly in the app.

Learn more about the Abacus app AbaService here.

Making your business mobile is as easy as this


You ask us for a quote.


We clarify open questions and desired focus areas in a discussion.


You receive a cost estimate from us so that you can compare our service.


If you accept, we provide you with everything you need for efficient and effective mobile work, from software and infrastructure to support.

Doing a good job on the move, too

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Lots of good reasons to opt for AbaCliK, AbaClock & Co.

Top standards for your industry and your everyday life

We provide versatile standards so that you can work quickly and easily with Abacus mobile apps. Our specificity is that our models fit your business as well as your everyday tasks:

  • Standard clients, e.g. for accountants
  • Service type master for billing services, e.g. for architects, Spitex, special schools and others
  • Expense types with accurate booking of expenses and VAT
  • Chart of accounts for practical accounting and clean finances
  • Intelligent and multilingual forms for the invoicing process
  • Automated HR processes

Service and technology from a single source

The digitalisation of your work Increases. Abacus provides the necessary software – and we provide the knowledge and skills. At PwC you get everything from a single source:

  • Tailor-made and competent introduction and integration of your new solution
  • On-site installation on your IT infrastructure or as a software-as-a-service solution on PwC’s own servers with a security level in line with international banking standards
  • Various outsourcing services so that you can concentrate on your core competencies
  • Further development of your digital HR solution according to your needs
  • Hotline and support

Stay up to date

At our workshops and information events, you will learn everything about Abacus Business Software and bring your network up to date.

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