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HR today is going digital

As the head of a modern HR department, you face challenges from all sides. You have to juggle the increasing demands of HR digitisation, new legal requirements – not to mention the needs of digitally savvy employees.

We support you in this task with the latest- generation Abacus business software, backed by a tried-and-tested PwC standard as a baseline combined with our first-class and cutting-edge expertise. All this is rounded out by flexible solutions for Human Resources Management that are precisely tailored to your company, meaning you stay one step ahead at all times.

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There are plenty of good reasons to digitise your HR

All-round flexibility

With PwC you remain flexible and secure at all times. We align your digital HR to your company and provide you with sample documents that have proven their worth in practice. These include templates such as personnel, expense and working time regulations as well as further education and training agreements. And it goes without saying that we’ll provide uncomplicated answers to your questions in the first-class quality you’ve come to expect from PwC.

Totally digital

Paper is a thing of the past in your HR department. Because with the business solution from Abacus, you manage the whole HR process digitally. For example, you can upload digital attachments in expense management or send electronic messages.

Maximum efficiency

Automation is a crucial component of modern-day efficiency. Your HR Portal enables seamless automation of your applicant management. It also allows you to complete other HR tasks directly and easily, such as processing applications, making changes and recording expenses or working time online. Last but not least, Your HR Portal gives you a permanent overview of your payrolls.

How we support you

«As flexible as necessary – as standardised as possible». Our solutions are built on standards that have proven themselves in practice for many years. We combine these with specialist knowledge and modern operating models such as outsourcing – as a PwC cloud solution or as part of a traditional face-to-face relationship. Contact us so we can find the option that best suits you.

Tailored precisely to your needs

Document management, applicant management, time recording, absence management, expense recording, online accounting, HR management software, payroll accounting, HR administration: no matter what the project, the first thing we do is get together with you to define the targets – including time, budget and responsibilities. A key element of this is identifying who needs what and how the individual elements should work. We define whether data are transferred and which forms, processes and controls you need for document management.

We create prototypes on request that approximate the final solution as closely as possible. This allows you to test out the central functions at your convenience and gather acceptance from your employees.

Once you’ve given us the green light, we seamlessly implement all agreed processes. Together with us, you put all agreed functions through their paces, while we oversee training your users and compiling all necessary training documents. Since digital solutions require data, we monitor the data migration from your previous system to the new one. Of course we’ll be on hand during the start phase to assist you with application and answer your questions – online, by phone or in person.

You can also transfer some of your duties to us, on request. We have customised attractive outsourcing packages for you for this purpose.

Target the right talents

Application management from Abacus can help you organise and streamline your recruitment processes for maximum efficiency, from placing job adverts to drafting employment contracts. For example, you answer applications promptly since you use templates and automated workflows. You document the entire interaction with candidates as well as your internal communication. Star-ratings speed up your recruitment processes even more. We keep a permanent eye on issues such as data protection to ensure a peace of mind.


Manage staff expertly

Digitising your HR doesn't have to be a chore. Software you can apply when you need it and gear more precisely to your company profile will streamline your HR administration, support your managers and boost both efficiency and transparency. For that reason, you use an online personnel dossier to store information and documents pertaining to your employees in a central location. You decide who can access what and how. In this way you ensure data protection, retain staff according to the self-service principle and minimise the work involved for you.


Record expenses and absences efficiently

The Labour Act stipulates that Swiss companies have to record the time worked by their employees. Your employees use the various modules offered by Abacus’ time recording software to enter their working hours, overtime, breaks and absences simply and transparently. This ensures you not only comply with your legal obligations, but also maintain an overview of absences, specify core hours and times, keep time accounts and analyse other interesting parameters for individuals or teams.


Manage payroll professionally

With payroll accounting from Abacus using the PwC standard as the baseline, we’ve got you covered. It's not by accident that with some 1.2 million payrolls per month it’s the most widely used software in Switzerland. Equipped with a wide range of functions, it’ll take your payrolls to a whole new level of professionalism. So why not put its over 30 years of experience to work for you? You’ll also save yourself the expense and inconvenience of adjustments in the event of legal changes since these are programmed into the applicable maintenance fees. You can use master data management to link up other HR tasks to your payroll accounting, such as your applicant management or HR administration.

With the HR Portal from Abacus.

The HR Portal from Abacus operates according to the self-service principle. Your employees can access and also manage their personal data at their discretion. While managers can analyse these data based on specific rules.

What does the HR Portal from Abacus offer?

1. Manage HR data securely

You store HR data and documents centrally and securely in a digital personnel dossier provided by Abacus. You define access based on hierarchical level and function. This allows you to optimise your HR processes and guarantee comprehensive protection of personnel-related data.

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2. Access data on the go using the app

Mobile working increases flexibility. That's why your employees can access their own personnel dossier at any time and from anywhere using the AbaClick app. Here they can record working time, performance, breaks and travel costs or submit holiday applications.

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3. Personalise look & feel

You receive not just any HR portal, but Your HR Portal. For that reason we align the layout and structure of the input screens to your requirements and complement them with your company logo.

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4. Display team evaluations

Your digital HR benefits not only you, but also the responsible managers within your company. These can see, for example, who is absent from the team or on holiday, and which tasks are pending. There are also options for analysing company-specific figures by team and presenting these in a clear manner on the dashboard.

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5. Install and start immediately

You can start work in Your HR Portal immediately following installation. Certain processes feature a streamlined design that has proven itself in practice, so you can use all functions simply and intuitively with no extra effort on your part.

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All our offerings can be mapped in the HR Portal.

Specifically, the following functionalities are available:

  • Display of employees present
  • To do
  • Analyses
  • Recording work time
  • Applicant management
  • Designer dashboard
  • Viewing dossier contents
  • View of employees in own team
  • Holiday requests
  • Sending messages
  • Recording services rendered
  • Payroll accounting
  • Changing personal data
  • Process portal
  • Expense accounting

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If you want to manage your human capital effectively, you need meaningful key indicators. Our solution depicts these and their causes in a way that is visually appealing and easily understandable.

Stefan Hochstrasser, Leader Abacus, Business Software Integration, PwC

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