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360° HR advisory services – nationally and internationally

Whether you wish support with employment, contract, social security, immigration or (withholding) tax law, salary statement obligations, staff leasing, collective labour agreements or employee participation schemes, you can benefit from our expertise, networked thinking and practical consulting on these and other specialist HR topics. Because when we look at a specific case, we always include other areas that are relevant for your HR. That’s why the solutions we offer you are fully compliant with the law and practicable. You can also rely on us if you are making changes to HR processes or HR/payroll.

Ensuring compliance

We support you with all aspects of payroll management from performing analyses and classifying risks to exploiting optimisation or savings potential. In all this, you benefit from our experience and valuable practical tips. For example, we can help you with the following:

  • Provider quality: We help you decide whether you should change providers or not. We take care of analyses, specification documents, service level agreements, processes, data protection and much more.
  • External auditing by AHV, SUVA, tax authorities or others: We show you what you should pay attention to, which risks you are exposed to and how to correctly document all of your HR work.
  • International issues and principles
  • Effectiveness of your processes and controls

Designing efficient processes

Modern HR and payroll processes minimise your risks and save time and money as they continually take into account legal updates and factors. We review how efficient your processes are currently and support you with knowledge as needed or desired.

Correct documentation of HR work

Your HR work is subject to various legal provisions. There is no overview anywhere that tells you how to document everything. We help you with this. Then you can easily provide any documents required in the event of an audit.

Reconciling payroll with financial accounting and VAT

You should regularly reconcile your payroll with financial accounting. We show you how to correctly set up this process, carry out reconciliations smoothly and conduct regular reviews.

Draw up legally compliant contracts and regulations

The provisions of employment and contract law, as well as personnel, spending and insurance regulations, are diverse and numerous. Depending on the size of your company, its scope of activity and the industry, the way you need to compile contracts varies. We work together with lawyers to draw up or review your contracts, regulations, internal instructions, information sheets and other relevant documents.

COVID-19 and payroll/HR/time recording

Given the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, the authorities have quickly implemented various rules. We are happy to help you with applying for and implementing compensation for short-term work, with your salary obligations and with defining types of compensation for loss of earnings. We can also show you how to implement working from home for cross-border commuters as required by government and in line with the rules.

The HR department/finance department is also very challenged and there will be a rethink. Does transaction work such as payroll/HR administration/bookkeeping still have to be carried out internally? There are reasons for and against outsourcing these functions. With an outsourcing arrangement that is well thought out and well set up, costs can definitely be saved and the impact of absences of your own staff can be minimised – since risks are assumed by the provider.

If you already use some software, we can find an alternative solution together.

Get in touch with us to talk about the current difficult situation. We would be happy to help you get through this challenging period.

Read more about COVID-19 here.

Our HR consulting is designed around you

For companies and individuals 

From a range of services, we can put together a low-cost standard service or configure a tailored service based exactly on your resources. Either way, we don’t charge extra fees for specialists. And you’ll always be up to date with legislative changes and new technologies.

For fiduciaries 

Sometimes an extraordinary mandate or a complex case creates a need for external HR consulting or input from experts. We’re happy to provide our support – and it goes without saying that we are very discreet.

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