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In trusted hands – our fiduciary services

Most SMEs see bookkeeping tasks as a necessary evil. You can now pack them in a large box and hand them over to our professionals. In return, you benefit from our expertise in fiduciary matters and digitalisation – and our hands-on approach. That saves time and effort, eliminates surprises and gives you budget certainty. Ultimately, you want to focus your efforts where it really matters: on your customers.

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Trusted partner

Our long-standing experience means we understand your concerns, tasks and processes, so we can help ease your burden and contribute to your success. As a trusted partner, our fiduciary package gives you the following:

One single contact person

Financial matters are very personal, so you will have a contact person who knows your business and keeps you up to date with new trends and challenges. Your single contact person and his team are always there for you.

Contact via email and telephone

For any quick fiduciary questions, you can always ask your advisor by phone, via email or through the website. We take a pragmatic approach and consider the most direct channels to be the fastest.

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As part of our fiduciary package, we handle all your accounting and bookkeeping, record receipts, make payment runs and prepare salaries, annual financial statements and tax returns – all accurately and on time. 

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Digital office

Digital tools are an important part of our fiduciary package. With the right tools, and in close dialogue with you, we can ensure that your accounting processes are efficient, meaning you are less stressed, understand your numbers and never lose control of them.

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Upgrades – even more services

If you have a special request or want to fine-tune, you can choose from a range of practical upgrades.

Financial accounting with accounts receivable/payable

We process your incoming and outgoing invoices on a weekly basis. You can provide your signature online or via mobile phone. Every 30 days we’ll send out any outstanding payment reminders. We start payment runs every 14 days and update the general ledger every month. 

Annual financial statements, taxes and VAT

We prepare your annual financial statements; annual balance sheet, income statement, notes and profit distribution. We also draw up your tax return and discuss the results with you. We fill in your VAT declaration and carry out year-end turnover and input tax reconciliation.

Payroll accounting*

We process salaries so they meet the payment date and we submit the payment orders. We make any amendments to social security and prepare old-age and survivors’ insurance (OASI) declarations, salary statements and other year-end assessments. We also provide you with standard templates for documents such as expense regulations, staff rules and employment contracts.

* This service is available as a separate module.

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Digitised accounting

We work with you to simplify your accounting processes. We train your staff and provide guidelines or templates – such as expense regulations. You can use the latest digital tools combined with tried-and-tested templates. We provide you with the necessary applications and all authorisations.

Quarterly financial statements

Do your investors or bank require quarterly financial statements? Why not leave it to us? We’ll of course discuss the quarterly results with you in advance.

Private tax return

In an SME, business and private affairs are often close to each other. We can prepare your private tax return, extend the deadline and give you a check list for collecting receipts.

Two meetings on special topics

Perhaps you expect changes in the year ahead that will have a fundamental impact on your operations. You can discuss the if and how of these changes in two additional meetings with your partner.

With PwC on our side, we have enjoyed many years of trusting, valuable and, above all, collaborative partnership. Today we can say that, in our SME, we are definitely on the right track and are excited about having PwC’s valuable support for additional finance and corporate management projects.

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Fully served, everything under control – our fiduciary prices

We can help you cut down the time you spend on financial accounting, reduce your resources and save you hassle and money. Precisely you can keep an eye on the latter, you pay a monthly fee (plus licence fees for apps or web applications). The one-off starting costs are billed separately. To give you an idea of how much it might be, here are a few examples.

Initial costs – valuable fee

Before we set off together, we need to do a few things first. For example, we need to programme certain interfaces or reorganise your processes. This one-off set of tasks is not included in our monthly fee. But with your help, we can give you a detailed quote.

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We’d be pleased to provide a quote for your company. 

Do you want to assess whether our services will be worth it for you? You’ll need to know as exact a price as possible – and we’ll need a few details about your company. Please fill in the fields below and we’ll be in touch in the next few days.


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