BusinessLogicEngine: Data exchange

Optimised data exchange between Abacus and your systems

PwC’s BusinessLogicEngine (BLE) is a specially developed program that enables a fully automated data exchange between Abacus and your system environment. Contrary to more commonly used approaches, the BLE operates on a client-specific logic on the basis of which data can be filtered, complemented or excluded early on, following a set of pre-defined criteria.

Structure of the BusinessLogicEngine

Structure of the BusinessLogicEngine

Your advantages

  • Only data that are meant to be in the system are used
  • Data can be transmitted almost real-time via WebServices

Connecting you

  • The BLE supports nearly all Abacus AbaConnect interfaces from the 2013 release onwards
  • The BLE only needs a Windows environment and .NET by Microsoft
  • With the BLE you can also connect your systems directly to our WebAccounting environment. This gives you a whole new level of collaboration with us as your outsourcing provider

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