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The Abacus care home solution for efficient administration

If you are working for a social institution, you know very well how the range of administrative tasks, in particular with regard to client management and invoicing, is getting more and more complex, placing increasing demands on your day-to-day work. This is why we have developed an integrated ERP software, ITworks:CARE. It is an Abacus-based solution for care homes that allows you to map your own processes for accounting, HR administration, payroll accounting and resident management, and helps you complete tasks in order processing and donations administration.

What does ITworks:CARE offer?

Resident management is the core function of ITworks:CARE. Once configured, recording data on home residents and invoicing are done in no time. The system is able to accommodate categories such as IBB, RAI/RUG or BESA and will produce invoices accordingly. Billing modes and functions will be pre-set for you, for example according to IVSE policies, tariff schedules or individual requirements of the recipients of invoices (such as cantonal or municipal administrations, health insurances, disability insurances, etc.).

At a glance

Client management is at the heart of ITworks:CARE. This allows you to enter your residents' data and complete invoicing in no time at all. The system is conversant with classification systems such as IBB, RAI/RUG or BESA and prepares the invoices accordingly. The accounting modalities are already pre-set for you, be it according to the specifications of IVSE, the tax regulations or the individual requirements of invoice recipients (cantons, municipalities, health insurance companies, IV, etc.). Finally, with ITworks:CARE you can prepare numerous statistics with just a few clicks, such as the wage structure survey (LSE) or the SOMED statistics.

ITworks:CARE is not only tailored to your needs, but also expandable. Detailed information can be found in the overview of the functionalities of ITworks:CARE.


Home management in the 4.0 era

The integrated system takes on a wide range of tasks for you, from client, procurement address and master data administration to drug delivery with pharmacist solution, invoicing by issuing e-bills (incl. MediData) and even payroll accounting or handling donations. On request, we can connect further systems such as your nursing documentation or personnel deployment planning. This solution consists of a pre-parameterised, standardised client. It can be flexibly adapted to your needs as part of the implementation project.


Administrative tasks simply and digitally completed

Our integrated health solution for homes for the disabled and special schools combines the skills and work steps for comprehensive home management in an easy-to-use application for you: from invoicing to cantons, IV and health insurance funds in accordance with IVSE, through address, donation and client administration, to e-billing and order processing for workshops or a web shop. Our integrated system also proves useful for areas such as professional measures, physio-, ergo- or other therapies.


Your advantages with ITworks:CARE

You will work with a team that brings around ten years of experience with projects concerning social institutions to the table (e.g. homes for disabled people and sheltered workshops, retirement homes and nursing homes as well as special needs schools).


You will be speaking with the same contacts from beginning to end, i.e. during the sales pitch, in the installation phase and again during ongoing support.

You will benefit from the vast know-how in our network both with regard to IT/Abacus and the technical areas of accounting and HR (cost accounting, payroll accounting, investment accounting, etc.). In order to ensure regular transfer of know-how, we run a variety of events.


PwC has been an Abacus Gold partner since 1994.

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