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PHREND: award-winning software facilitating the treatment of multiple sclerosis (MS)

NeuroTransData, a network of physicians from Germany, has been instrumental in the implementation of a highly accurate and sophisticated recommender system for the treatment of multiple sclerosis. PHREND is an application that allows physicians to predict the efficacy of MS treatments on the basis of historical data. In collaboration with doctors and patients and by using a human-centred design approach, the technology was built to be perfectly integrated in the patient/doctor dialogue. The AI-assisted algorithm instantly analyses patient data to predict MS treatment. The tool has won multiple awards and is widely accepted in the medical community. Statistics show that the personalised healthcare solution PHREND enables more effective treatment of MS.

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Trade surveillance – State-of-the-art insider trading detection solution

When it comes to market abuse, our clients’ most frequently voiced request is a comprehensive AI-driven trade surveillance approach and alert system that will allow them to swiftly and safely identify abnormal signals from the market that indicate market abuse. 

The insider trading detection solution has been developed by a trade surveillance unit in partnership with PwC Switzerland to meet these needs. It is based on a unique value proposition to offer data and analytics combined with financial market expertise in order to improve the target organisation’s effectiveness and efficiency.
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Predictive Analytics – The Future of Finance

Classic business planning is time and cost-intensive and the quality of target figures is often limited. This results in insecurity regarding future production and sales volumes on the one hand, and ties up valuable resources on the other. PwC’s Predictive Analytics Suite (PAS) allows for automated business planning. In collaboration with a DAX 30 enterprise we have developed a forecasting solution that is based on AI and machine learning. The enterprise could drastically reduce planning efforts and increase prediction accuracy.

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Utopia: disrupting the music industry for the better

Utopia is set to empower and liberate the music industry like never before with an open platform that translates the world of music data into a form that everyone can understand – with the unseen help of PwC.

“There’s plenty of digital know-how in the marketplace, but not so much understanding of how tech fits in with people and business. Thanks to our experience in the interplay of technology, people and business processes, we can help clients fill that gap to achieve effective, intelligent transformation.”

Andreas Staubli, CEO, PwC Switzerland

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