Business Understanding - Technology Innovation - Transcript


The world is shifting
The climate is changing
The population is ageing
In the past, technology developed slowly
Now reimagining the possible happens every day

In the past one innovation led to the next
Now the rate of change is exponential
How do we cope with an explosion of information?

Cloud data teaches machines to get smarter instantly
Every day we create 2.5million bytes of data
90% of the data in the world has been collected in the last two years alone
Artificial intelligence is changing the world
The best AI can outsmart a human
The world will change more in the next twenty years than it did in last million

We won’t live the way we do today
Life in the city
Life in the country
Life on mars
2 out of 3 children starting primary schools will have jobs that don’t exist today
We tell our own stories news is immediate
Any time any place anywhere

Less pale stale male
Curate collaborate activate
Back end virtual world virtual people virtual reality
What we do will change how we do it will change even more
Solving client’s problems is a whole new dimension
Cyber security, blockchain, sustainability are everyday topics
Thrive in the digital revolution

Intelligent Digital is here
In a technology enabled future trust and relationships make the difference
These qualities set us apart
We choose to balance business understanding, with technology innovation and human insight.
We call it: Intelligent Digital.