SDX – the new SIX Digital Exchange

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PwC has encouraged and enabled SIX to think further and push mental boundaries. This has resulted in the new SIX Digital Exchange (SDX), which sets to reinvent the way digital assets are traded.


The blockchain journey has only just begun, and who can say where it will lead us. The SIX Swiss Stock Exchange wanted to set the pace with a new approach to the trading, settlement and custody of digital assets. However, there was no evident road map. PwC was consulted to help them with their first steps ahead.


In a design process that includes a series of sprints and Immersion Sessions, PwC has helped the SIX team to align their goals and aims and leave their comfort zone to envision a bold new project: the creation of the first fully end-to-end digital asset trading, settlement and custody service. PwC’s thorough understanding of customer needs, its digital experience in wealth management and financial markets, and its expert network have given SIX the tools to turn every uncertainty into an opportunity.


SDX has exceeded all expectations. It is much more than just a new platform. It is the foundation of an entirely new strategy for SIX, including an environment of rules, regulations and standards that will build trust in the way digital assets are handled. The platform will enable trading in a new type of digital asset referred to as security tokens, easier and cheaper to issue than traditional shares. Security tokens create opportunities for smaller businesses to raise capital on exchanges. They are also potentially able to represent ownership rights in other asset classes such as art or real estate.

“The idea of working with PwC was to push our own boundaries and ideas to arrive at a strong, potentially viable industry-wide solution. We were clear that we did not just want to understand the disruptive forces in our industry but proactively manage them, what we call Managed Disruption.”

Valerio Roncone, Head Markets & Clients and Member of the Executive Board of SIX Securities Services

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