Intellectual Property (IP)

Why is Intellectual Property crucial for businesses in the digital economy?

In today’s highly competitive economic environment, managing Intellectual Property rights effectively can be complex and challenging due to the lack of harmonisation of national regulations, the variety of protection systems, the technical character of registration procedures, and the varying maintenance formalities and national use requirements. New challenges, triggered by the digital economy and globalisation, include additional tax compliance obligations and increasing threats of infringement and unfair competition.

Today, Intellectual Property (IP) is a significant business asset for any enterprise. Like any other property, IP has to be strategically protected and exploited to generate returns and profitable investments.

Natascha Tsalas - Head of Intellectual Property (IP), PwC Switzerland

We believe in intradisciplinary collaboration: we are stronger and more effective when we work together.

Who are we and how can we help?

PwC's Intellectual Property experts provide a comprehensive and holistic range of services to support you in the management of your Intellectual Property. We work closely with our tax and advisory specialists to identify, value, structure, protect, manage, and optimise your Intellectual Property from a legal and tax perspective.

We support you throughout the IP lifecycle by defining, protecting, maintaining and commercialising your rights.

What are the benefits of a centralised IP solution ?

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Portfolio audit

An IP portfolio audit is the first step towards managing your assets effectively. By conducting a regular and thorough analysis of your portfolio and the commercial utilisation of your assets, we identify risks and propose pragmatic solutions.

Administration and oversight

Our administrative service covers central invoicing and expense proceedings. In addition, we provide insight into relevant IP law updated in key jurisdictions to endure practices and strategies remain up to date.

World Watch Services

Our global surveillance system offers a strong shield of protection for your IP assets. We are notified if your IP rights are infringed and are therefore able to act. Our analysis allows for continuous improvement of your tailored surveillance programme.

Trademark and design management

Together with you, we identify the right solutions and implement them in order to manage and protect your trademarks and designs.

Copyright management

In an increasingly complex and challenging environment, copyrights are constantly subject to risks. We conduct continuous analysis and protect copyrights with different measures, such as collaborations with collective management associations and licence agreements.

Litigation strategy

In the event of IP infringements, we provide support with disputes and litigation proceedings, including criminal investigations, by providing information and documents necessary for the defence.

Domain name management

Domain name protection is one of the most secure ways to ensure your organisation’s online identity is not vulnerable. We ensure domain names relevant to your business are registered and manage their renewals.

Online presence and social media management

Social media and online platforms can represent a source of threats when it comes to IP rights. We can act rapidly against infringements on any platform by analysing them and taking appropriate action.

IP contractual management

We manage contractual relationships with third parties for our clients by maintaining IP-related contracts through their lifecycle, providing contract templates and ensuring controlled access to existing contracts.

Customs representation

Aligned with the World Customs Organisation and the IPR, Health and Safety Programme, we cooperate closely with global customs authorities in order to establish stronger border defence to protect IP rights.
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