Legal Compliance and Data protection

How to ensure global conformity

Legal compliance is a key issue in politics and business. State authorities issue more and more regulations, which your business has to comply with. If you violate them, you risk expensive losses – both in terms of money and in terms of corporate reputation.

It is truly an art to keep one’s bearings when navigating a morass of rules and regulations. At the same time, you have to adapt and modify your business processes, policies, guidelines and compliance organisation in order to ensure that you fulfil the relevant requirements. These are areas in which you can count on PwC's compliance experts for help.



What we do for clients


We conduct a structured compliance and integrity check to see where the major risk areas are located in your company.

We advise you on key compliance issues such as anti-corruption, economic sanctions, corporate criminal liability, anti-money laundering, etc.

Data protection

We review and assess your data protection risks, for example in respect of cloud computing or international data communications. 

We design and set up an appropriate data protection framework for your company.


The markets of the future will provide high transparency requirements for companies in data processing. The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the revision of the Swiss Data Protection Act are the first milestones along the way.

Security and trust in dealing with the current and future legal situation form the basis for entrepreneurial continuity and success in view of the digitization of your company.

  • Our team of experienced lawyers advises clients successfully and purposefully in solving data protection issues. In this complex area, we have many years of experience and are professionally networked.
  • With tailor-made and well-founded expertise, we enable our customers to use the right data for innovative business models.
  • We anticipate trends and enable our customers to master new challenges at an early stage and to realize opportunities.
  • We also offer effective solutions for technically demanding data protection projects. Thanks to our own IT and process specialists, we are able to offer everything from a single source quickly and in accordance with needs.
  • Often, data protection projects are of a cross-border nature. With our global network of lawyers, we provide our customers with smooth international advice as well as access to current country-specific expertise.


We develop an incident reporting system (“whistleblowing”), implement it within your company and manage it for you.

We take a close look at the effectiveness of your current compliance

organisation and policies and put a set up in place that precisely fits your needs.

To help you ensure ethical conduct on the part of your staff, we will design appropriate policies and guidelines for you.

We will train you and your staff on the key issues in respect of your own legal compliance.

Digital ethics

The analysis of large amounts of data, the use of new technologies and rapid progress in the processing power of computers are paving the way for new products and services. In the digital world, we are currently experiencing the leap from the Internet of Things to the next level of digitalisation – the establishment of artificial intelligence. However, your customers will not deem everything that is technologically possible within the legal limits to be credible and trustworthy. Consumers are concerned with how and where their personal data is used and (further) processed by companies.

To generate acceptance of the technologies and ensure the lawful and trustworthy formation or further development of your digital business ideas, an ethical approach is essential. 

We make your company aware about the broad spectrum of digital ethics, assess your corresponding risks and define measures to limit them. We advise you on setting up an appropriate internal organisation or on suitable processes so that, for example, new data processing or innovations can be discussed and assessed by internal departments or digital ethics committees. So that ethical conduct is also firmly anchored within your corporate culture, we can establish appropriate guidelines or hold workshops.


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