Managed Legal Services

It is possible to get better legal services at lower cost and risk – with the right blend of people, processes and technology.

The law is expensive. Outsourcing legal services instead of doing the work in-house can be a great way of getting more done with less money and less strain on your human resources. But how can you be sure you’re getting the quality and responsiveness you need? 

PwC’s Managed Legal Services is a range of innovative, expert legal services, processes and technology that gives you both quality and efficiency. The key is getting the interplay between processes, technology and people right.

We help clients simplify and bundle processes to make them as efficient and error-free as possible. Where possible we apply appropriate legal technology to automate workflows and make them scalable. And we provide a single point of contact enabling you to access the expertise you need from our global network of lawyers, business, management and technology specialists. It’s all highly pragmatic and cost-efficient, and tailored precisely to your requirements.

Where we can help

Document gap analysis, review and negotiation

Companies often have large numbers of documents that have to be revised in line with new conditions such as regulatory requirements. We help you review and negotiate across a range of commercial documents such as contracts. Basically it works like this:

Phase 1
  • We hold a briefing call/transfer existing guidance documents
  • We agree tiers of complexity of instructions and ways of working
  • Internal training is held across centres of excellence
  • We customise reporting dashboards
Phase 2
  • We work with you to tailor process for triaging instructions
  • We optimise playbooks and templates
  • We implement managed legal services tools such as internal trackers, escalation logs and PwC’s technology solutions (including applicable training sessions with you)
Phase 3
  • Active delivery, including preparation and negotiation of contracts
  • Regular check-in points to discuss service improvements

Contract remediation

An omnipresent topic is data protection and information security, which poses a challenge to many companies. Contracts and terms have to be discussed, adapted or even renegotiated with all key stakeholders in various jurisdictions, depending on the customer's and supplier's requirements. In order to support you, PwC Legal adheres to the following three phases:

Phase 1
  • On-site training
  • Onboarding the MLS team onto your systems and established ways of working
  • Working with you to develop playbooks
Phase 2
  • Triage of instructions and active delivery, including negotiation and redrafting of agreements
  • Attending key stakeholder meetings
  • Achieving your internal milestones and tracking matters
Phase 3
  • Consolidating matters
  • Processing support

Review and negotiation of framework agreements, NDAs and other documents

Medium and large companies often have very comprehensive framework agreements, works declarations, NDAs, agreements on technical infrastructures and so on. Changes and additions to these documents can lead to extensive risks that need to be analyzed and taken into account. In order to review and negotiate these documencts against a playbook of defined fall-back positions and capturing your risk profile, PwC Legal adheres to the following three phases:

Phase 1
  • Onsite training
  • Onboarding the MLS team onto your systems and established ways of working
Phase 2
  • Working with you to tailor triage of instructions and allocation
  • Implementing MLS tools such as escalation logs and defining the process for playbook escalations and updates
Phase 3
  • Active delivery
  • Regular check-in points to discuss service improvements

What you need in a partner

The ideal partner can provide legal support at the level you need in the places you need it. Sometimes you require fail-safe, in-depth expertise in a particular legal niche; at other times you simply want routine legal tasks performed efficiently and cheaply. 

One of the world’s largest professional services firms, PwC is committed from board level down to investing in legal services as one of the key growth areas for our firm. We’re building the capability to deliver best-in-class legal services to meet the needs of our clients.

We have on-the-ground legal expertise in more countries than any other law firm. In addition to the PwC legal network firms, we have specific legal centres of excellence in targeted low-cost jurisdictions that we can use to cost-effectively perform routine, lower-complexity tasks where it’s appropriate and makes sense.

Our products and services

We can offer you the following managed legal services:
  • Drafting, executing and filling in annual compliance documentation
  • Creating templates and drafting and managing documents
  • Contract gap analyses, reviews of procedures and data processing agreements
  • Compliance analysis and reviews of internal documentation
  • Notifications to business partners

The concrete MLS working model basically comprises three layers:



With the help of tools in the areas of workflow and team management as well as search and screening functions, the MLS team supports you in your standardized and clearly visual working methods.

Cell structure concept

Cell structure concept

Each cell is a self-contained unit delivering production combined into one well-proven structure assuring quality control and reducing backlogs. In addition there is SME support (1 per 2 cells) reducing reliance and the workload as the first line for escalations


PwC Network

Access to PwC network from the whole globe

Your benefits


Standardised, optimised workflow process ensures consistency and speeds up turnaround times.

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance ensure consistent and quality output.


With contract KPIs and data presented via a customised dashboard, you have a better view of how matters are being managed.


Clear escalation and approval processes facilitate risk management and ensure the speedy resolution of issues.


A flexible team of qualified lawyers and paralegals is scalable to meet peaks and troughs in volume and can deliver 24/5 as required.


Fixed pricing gives you budget certainty in combination with scope flexibility.


Service powered by LegalTech improves efficiency and unlocks value.

Clear allocation of work

The receipt and triage of instructions ensures matters are correctly and quickly allocated. 

Continuous improvement

We capture legal positions and recycle know-how on an ongoing basis to ensure consistency of approach and speed up the contracting process.

Simplify your legal working processes

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