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The purpose of the survey is to analyse and understand in detail the preferences driving future jobseekers’ decisions. Just starting work, the youngest members of Generation Y and the oldest of Generation Z make up nearly a quarter of the multigenerational workforce in Switzerland. They’re the most diverse and exciting generation ever to have entered the Swiss workforce. It’s in everyone’s interests to find out what really makes them tick.

  • Main target group: born 1990 - 2005
    All age groups are welcome to take the suvey.

The findings of the survey will be published soon.

What are the expectations and preferences of the new generations entering the workforce?

COVID-19 has had a serious impact on the economy and society. But it’s also cleared the way for organisations to redesign their systems and create the right conditions – both for the people returning to the workplace and for a new generation entering it right now.

Leaders preparing for tomorrows workforce have to understand what the future workforce expects. Only that way leaders will be able to attract and retain the talent they need to move forward and thrive. In the global war for talent, it’s especially important to know and grasp the preferences of the youngest members of Generation Y (1990 – 1995) and the oldest of the Generation Z (1996 – 2005). 

Unfortunately, this understanding is often lacking. PwC’s recent poll of global CEOs shows that current workplaces don't necessarily meet the needs or expectations of younger generations. This gap has prompted us to launch a new survey – the Workforce Preference Study – to help society and the business world gain the insights they need to start designing the workplaces of the future. 

Focus area of the study

Why the survey’s interesting for you

The purpose of the survey is to analyse and understand in detail the preferences driving future jobseekers’ decisions. This way we can help organisations consciously and strategically manage their employer value proposition, optimise their brand messages and recruitment strategies, and co-create the workplace of the future with the needs, expectations and preferences of the future workforce in mind.

We’re running the survey in partnership with TrueChoice, an expert in helping organisations and governments around the world understand the preferences of their customers, constituents and employees.  

The survey’s not only useful for organisations. There are also immediate rewards for those answering the questions: Thanks to the underlying algorithm, you get tailored feedback to help you pinpoint your preferred criteria. 

It covers twelve focus areas and is divided into three parts. The first two parts measure absolute and relative preferences. In the third part, you’ll be forced to make trade-off decisions between certain elements that have been chosen and ranked before.

You can do the survey in English, French or German (see separate links below). 

If you decide to do the questionnaire, you’ll be contributing to something even bigger: The Swiss survey is part of the EMEA Workforce Preference Study which is currently being conducted across Europe, the Middle East and Africa. The survey closes on Thursday, 31 December 2020. The aggregated results of all regions will be published in February 2021. 

Explore your employee preferences, at no cost

To respond to the new normal and the many challenges ahead, you as an organisation need to understand the expectations and preferences of your people. Our survey is the ideal tool.

If you’d like to use it, please reach out to us. We’ll be providing organisations with separate gateways to the online survey so that we can aggregate company-specific results that give you a detailed understanding of the expectations and perceptions of your current workforce.

This will be at no cost for organisations, and is an excellent opportunity to give your people a say in reshaping the future of work. The specific results will be delivered in February 2021 together with the overall results of the study.

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