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Using risk to drive strategic performance

With changing consumer needs, complex global supply chains, new business models and evolving technology, organisations have to adapt at an unprecedented pace. Add the power that social media has to amplify the voice of the consumer, and it's clear that building trust – especially digital trust – is no longer merely about showing character and doing the right thing. It’s about risk, and realising that risk management and assurance involves much more than just mitigating threats.

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PwC's Risk Assurance services ensure that your organisation manages business risk as an asset rather than just a potential loss, transforming challenges into an opportunity. We have the practical experience and smart digital tools to identify weak spots, assess the risks – including organisational, technology and IT risks – and set up a future-proof risk management process.

In other words, we help you take risk management to the next level. The Risk Assurance experts at PwC help clients transform their approach from simply reacting to risk and compliance requirements to using risk as a strategic performance driver. Our Risk Assurance practice combines rich audit, assurance and risk management expertise to look beyond the financial statement audit to other critical areas of the business, including IT audit. Our team is there to bring clients the insight, confidence and assurance they need to step up their management of risks and opportunities and build resilience, confidence and stakeholder trust.

Trust and Transparency Solutions

Trust is so important where you rely on others to keep your promises. Specialisation, offshoring, outsourcing and cost-cutting – this is the reality of business, and your reliance on third parties will only grow. A complex portfolio of relationships needs to work effectively to deliver the promises you make to all your stakeholders.

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Internal Audit

We offer the entire spectrum of internal audit services. Whether you start out with your own internal auditor capability or not, with everything from audit outsourcing and co-sourcing to internal audit advisory we can help you plan and set up an internal audit function that fits the needs of your organisation.

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Transformation Assurance

Our programme and project management experts apply our unique review methodology to plan effectively and give you the confidence that your transformation will succeed – for initiatives where loss isn't an option, and where you just can't afford to fail.

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ERP Risk & Control Solutions

Your ERP systems are the backbone of your control environment. Digitalisation, finance transformation, SAP S/4HANA, advanced data analytics and robotics all impact your control environment and its backbone. Our specialists and solutions help you identify ways of getting to the next level: better control at lower cost.

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Investor Trust

Our aim is to ensure managers, investors and regulators have the confidence, security and assurance that your investment and risk management is up to date – in other words that risks and returns are managed, measured and reported effectively and in compliance with the Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS®).

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Information Governance

Increasing regulations (think GDPR) are continuously creating new, sometimes conflicting, requirements governing the way you collect, process, share and store data and information in different jurisdictions. Smart information governance has become a crucial component of corporate governance. Our information governance experts and solutions help you navigate the regulatory challenges safely within your business and technology context.

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Corporate Treasury Solutions

These days treasury projects require a multi-disciplinary approach with support from across the business. Our services help you assess, design and implement improvements to your strategies, processes, technology and reporting.

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Business Process Assurance

Business process expertise combined with process mining give you transparency and the guidance and assurance to confidently design, implement, run, monitor and optimise excellent processes.

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Global x Assessor (GxA)

Monitoring the performance, risk and compliance of vendors, distributors and other third parties in a large multinational operation takes a huge amount of time and effort. With GxA, PwC provides a fully managed global digital assurance platform that helps you reduce the effort and increase the output: you get the job done in less than half the time you need now, but with the quality of results you expect from PwC.

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Blockchain Assurance

Our blockchain experts help you build trust in your solutions and partners to create and protect value using this emerging distributed technology. They will give you the confidence that your blockchain projects will succeed by helping you in all implementation phases, assessing the security and quality of your Blockchain solution and by helping you to maintain compliant. 

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Governance, Risk and Compliance

While you can’t control every aspect of the future, you can think about risk in new ways to transform uncertainty into opportunity. Adopting an innovative approach to managing and enhancing your governance, risk and compliance (GRC) activities can help you seize opportunities, stay a step ahead of uncertainty and empower your staff to meet stakeholder expectations.

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Those that succeed in developing an agile organization that has the infrastructure to protect against existing and emerging threats will create a new kind of trust – one that is more resilient, enduring, and sustainable.

Andreas Eschbach Partner and Leader Risk Assurance, PwC Switzerland

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