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Using risk to drive strategic performance

Organizations need to adapt to changing consumer needs, complex global supply chains, new business models, and evolving technology at an unprecedented pace. Combine that the power social media has to amplify the voice of the consumer, building trust is no longer about things like character and doing the right thing. It’s about risk.

Our clients have the opportunity to transform their organizations from being reactive and compliance driven to using risk as a strategic performance driver. Our Risk Assurance practice looks beyond the financial statement audit to other critical areas of the business to bring our clients the insight and confidence they need to build confidence and stakeholder trust.

Those that succeed in developing an agile organization that has the infrastructure to protect against existing and emerging threats will create a new kind of trust – one that is more resilient, enduring, and sustainable.

Andreas Eschbach Partner and Leader Risk Assurance, PwC Switzerland

Andreas Eschbach, Risk Assurance Leader for PwC Switzerland, opening the event.

A conversation about trust

Today, trust isn’t just about doing the right thing, it’s about managing a complex web of risks, some of which we don’t even know exist. Which is why, now more than ever, it is critical to keep the conversation about trust going. We had the opportunity to host C-Level executives at our first All Eyes on Trust event in Zurich, where we had a chance to talk about the future of technology, building trusted artificial intelligence, creating business value through virtual and augmented reality, and data identity protection. The day was filled with engaging dialogue, thought provoking ideas, and hands on experiences.


  • Andreas Eschbach, Risk Assurance Leader, PwC Switzerland
  • Gerd Leondhard, futurist, humanist, author, CEO of The Futures Agency
  • Christian Westermann, Data and Analytics Leader, PwC Switzerland
  • Jeremy Dalton, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Leader, PwC UK
  • Wolfgang Schurr, Cybersecurity Identity & Access Management Director, PwC Switzerland

If you have interest in these topics, please reach out and we can share more about the event.

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Partner and Leader Risk Assurance Services, Zurich

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