Testing Transformation

Significant cost reduction through transformation of your testing

The currently used test approach in IT transformation projects results in high costs, reduced test coverage and high maintenance. Therefore, with our solution, we help to transform your testing approach which lowers IT testing costs significantly. By optimising the approach of clients, we have reduced the test costs by 50%.

Test approach in IT projects

Traditional approach

The traditional approach to perform testing manually in the last test stages, leads to high testing and defect fixing costs, with a lack of accuracy and coverage.

Our solution for your IT projects

With our solution, your test approach is realigned with focus on early testing, automation, DevOps and, if desirable, nearshoring.

Our sample business case is an indication to get a cost overview

The sample business case is based on daily rates and defect fixing costs, which we have evaluated from transformed IT projects. The detailed costs for your organisation can be evaluated in the Insight Assessment. The two big savings areas are the test cases by stages and the defect resolution costs, which are visualised below.

Testing costs

With an optimised test approach a cost reduction of 47.4% has been realised for our selected client in the test case & test execution area.

Defecting costs

The restructuring of the test approach is additionally reducing the costs in defect resolution by 72% with our selected client.

The transformation benefits


FTE reduction by 40% after initial development and integration of tests in DevOps.

Testing costs

Reduce the testing costs by over 47% through optimising.

Defect costs

Cost savings in defect fixing by 70% due to early defect encountering.


Increase trust in software quality and agile infrastructue setup.


With the "Insight Assessment" you will have a clear overview of your testing and the costs.


With the optimised approach, resource can be used for creating more valuable software.

How can we help to reduce your costs and build trust into your software?

We are offering three services for establishing the test approach based on the Insight Assessment. Ask for the Insight Assessment now to shape your test approach.


  • Gather and structure test cases
  • Execution time test case
  • Extraction of defects and fixing duration
  • Extract defect history
  • Define the fixing costs
  • Review test approach


  • Re-define test strategy
  • Setup integrated DevOps environment
  • Establish test setup (on-/nearsite)
  • Implement quality controls
  • Cost reduction defect fixing/test creation
  • Coaching and training employees


  • Benefit realisation
  • Monitoring/managing test activities
  • Quality assurance activities support
  • Agile test coaching

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