Business plan and controlling

A Business Plan turns ideas into reality

A Business Plan turns ideas into reality

Your business plan is the showcase of your business concept. You can use it to convince potential investors, and at the same time it will act as a useful handbook for your management. Therefore, it should not just describe your idea, but also include evidence that your business will be financially successful, based on key indicators. In particular, identify all risks and rewards, and note that investors attach great importance to detailed liquidity planning.

Whether you're a newly formed start-up or an existing SME, we can offer you solution-oriented advice to give you the confidence and assurance you'll need for the journey that awaits. Thanks to our years of experience, we'll save you time which you can use for further business development, and sharing the load will make your start-up, family business or SME even more successful.

Der Businessplan – Damit aus Ideen Wirklichkeit wird

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Business Plan

Do you want to convert your strategy or business idea into a business plan? We can support you.

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Company Valuation

We can value your business and also undertake a comprehensive comparative analysis to show you where you currently stand in the market.

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Controlling & Risik Management

We can support the development of effective and efficient controlling. We'll show you how to reduce the complexity of your business and introduce an internal control system (ICS) to help you manage risks effectively.

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Planning and Budgeting

Through appropriate planning, you'll save on resources. So we'll work with you to analyse your planning and budgeting. This will furnish valuable information for further business development.

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Transparent cost accounting

We'll show you how to set up a transparent cost accounting system which is aligned to your operational criteria. 

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