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Do you want to get visibility into your global trade operations?

Would you like to gain insights to optimise your customs profile?

Are you looking for a way to get insights of potential hard Brexit impacts by using advanced technology?

Do you want to facilitate decision-making when it comes to trade wars and geopolitical volatility?

We have the advanced analytics capabilities to give you a high-level overview of your global trade operations, supported by insights into trade data from a range of sources. And we have the consulting expertise to help you translate these insights into valuable business benefits – from quick wins to long-term changes that will transform the whole way you operate.


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See clearly, act confidently

Global trade involves managing sophisticated supply chain operations and a constantly changing interplay of factors around imports, including customs, tariff updates, compliance risks and regulatory changes. To master this complexity, you need a clear view of precisely what’s going on.

We use machine learning in combination with advanced global trade analytics and supply chain analytics to evaluate transactional trade data from different sources. The result is better transparency: suddenly you’ll clearly see your opportunities to save and ways to hedge compliance risks for cross-border transactions.

In addition to this, we draw on customs administration, broker and/or master data to analyse a selection of trade indicators across all your geographies. Once you see the results in meaningful, interactive visualisations, you’ll be able to draw rapid conclusions about where things aren’t running as they should be, and how you can respond.

What we can do for you

  • Analyse authority, broker and client data
  • Spot inefficiencies and non-compliance
  • Understand the implications of regulatory changes such as Brexit, new free trade agreements, trade wars, etc.
  • Analyse the effects of changes in your supply chain and product design
  • Built-in checks with content provider data
  • Understand your operations with the help of machine learning
  • Assess impact of potential customs changes
  • Data analytics solution for global trade

These days data holds the key to sustained success in any area of business, and global trade is no exception. We have the analytics technology and consulting expertise to help you take your operation to the next level.

Simeon L. ProbstPartner Customs & Trade and VAT, PwC Switzerland

The benefits for you

Through the use of machine learning and advanced analytics, we allocate and analyse your trade data from different sources to improve trade transparency, find saving opportunities and hedge compliance risks for cross-border transactions.

We also use customs administration, broker and master data to draw comprehensive conclusions that will then be set up in interactive visualisations to help you fully recognise your trade indicator analysis, across all borders.

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Simeon L. Probst

Simeon L. Probst

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Christoph Schärer

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Fatih Sahin

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Christina Haas Bruni

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Oliver Hulliger

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Pascal von Ah

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