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Markets and market participants change, systems within companies are better connected, and there is an ever-increasing volume of data to be managed. This is why companies now need a powerful BI tool that delivers reports and data in real time. As Qlik Elite Partner, PwC is able to provide an all-inclusive package that offers more transparency and at the same time facilitates meeting all the regulatory and organisational requirements.

Our services at a glance

QlikView – Business Discovery

The QlikView Business Discovery platform is a business intelligence tool that combines all data in one single application. You can analyse data individually or in consolidated form and display them in various ways, thus creating a solid, informed basis for your decisions – making the actual decision process much easier.

Get more from your data!

Many BI systems are capable of compiling a large volume of data, but this often comes in a form that can only be interpreted by experts. With the QlikView Business Discovery concept, all users in the company can gain an overview of data and business processes, and this can easily be integrated in existing corporate networks. Task forces, departments, and entire business divisions have access to the same data and can thus make better, more informed decisions.

QlikView gives you a BI tool that doesn’t require special IT know-how. You can create your own analyses, make informed decisions on that basis – and with this gain considerable competitive edge. With an integrated QlikView solution, your IT will support your business processes efficiently and simultaneously ensure data security and compliance with all guidelines.

Since Qlik has an interface for all commonly used corporate software and data sources, such as SAP®, Salesforce.com, Informatica® and Big Data sources, QlikView offers simple access to corporate data and enables a full analysis thereof.

Mobile up to date

QlikView doesn’t only give you a BI tool you can use almost straight away without having to learn complicated steps – you can also access the data on a mobile device. Whether smartphone or tablet, you can compile the necessary data on your touchscreen and analyse them. This way, you have an overview of your business processes and can make decisions at any point in time, also when travelling.

Qlik Sense – Self-Service BI

Easily perform interactive evaluations and visualisations by positioning selected elements with drag&drop. Share the results with your colleagues, on various platforms - whether on your computer or via your phone whilst on the move.

With QlikSense, you will be able to manage big data, too, as you have a number of display options and can thus recognise correlations and possibilities. This gives you the certainty that your analyses are always comprehensive and thus form a reliable basis for your decisions.

QlikSense in the Cloud

Qlik Sense Cloud is a Software-as-a-Service version (SaaS) by Qlik Sense, which is used in connection with the Qlik Sense App. You can make the app available to up to five people – free of charge, without time limitations and without any other obligations.

NPrinting – Planning and distributing reports

QlikView NPrinting enables you to write extensive reports using the data and analysis from QlikView, in a fast, straightforward way and in a number of common file formats. QlikView NPrinting also allows distributing the reports following a central distribution plan or making the reports available on demand. At any rate, it ensures that addressees of the reports get them exactly when they need them. In connection with QlikView, NPrinting can serve as a one-stop system for interactive analysis and reports. Other systems are no longer needed and can be put to rest, which can result in a considerable reduction of costs.

Connectors & extensions–we offer more than the usual standard

We offer special solutions – tailored to your specific needs.

Connector for ABACUS

With QlikView for ABACUS, PwC offers a system for standardised evaluations and reports. You receive an already finished software solution that enables you to analyse all ABACUS data directly on your screen or a mobile device, and in a customised manner. If needed, you can also consult further data sources or create new evaluations and charts in an unused field.  

Connector for Salesforce

The connector for salesforce.com® (SFDC) by PwC enables you to analyse the most important SFDC data and other systems of your organisation. This way, you will always have an up-to-date overview of all our products, clients, employees and key figures. Connector for Salesforce can be installed and integrated in your existing IT system in only a few hours.

Big Data integration

Use Qlik and you will have a firm handle on Big Data, as you can always access information provided by the Big Data sources. Easily access the existing infrastructure in this field and decide on the method best suited to your IT. No need for extensive data modelling – Big Data and conventional data can be combined easily and prepared for presentations.


The standard range of Qlik products is not sufficient to master your specific challenges? Don’t stop here – we can develop extensions for QlikView and Qlik Sense, tailored individually to your needs. Whether on the server or the client side, we have the necessary know-how for full-stack developments. And if you require, we can pass this know-how on in training courses and workshops and thus help you to help yourself!

Commenting tool for Qlik

Figures and graphs are rarely self-explanatory. For this reason we provide a clever commenting tool for QlikView and Qlik Sense. It enables you to place comments that are saved in your selection and correctly linked. You can analyse data gathered with free-form or predefined values with QlikView or Qlik Sense and make it immediately visible for other users. You can also group datasets, with every movement precisely traceable.

Sense Excel

The great thing is that you don’t have to get rid of Microsoft® Excel! This is because Sense Excel allows you to analyse and visualise your data as before via the familiar Excel interface – only more quickly and more reliably, and with as many data and sources as you want. Sense Excel is an add-on to Qlik that combines the strengths of Excel and Qlik Sense. The result is an agile, powerful tool without the need for additional hardware or time-consuming implementation.

Industry solutions – collected know-how

We offer special solutions – tailored to the requirements of your industry. Having gathered extensive know-how of the most diverse industries, we are able to speak your language and know the particular challenges your company is exposed to.

QlikView tacs® for indirect taxes

With PwC, you can also build tacs®­conformant evaluations on the basis of QlikView – both on your PC and on a mobile device. If required, you can include additional data sources or establish new evaluations and charts independently in an unused field. With PwC’s QlikView for tacs®, users can:

  • Work flexibly on a dashboard.
  • Draw up substantiations in real time
  • Determine dynamic filter settings for ad-hoc analyses 
  • Establish additional analyses and reports if required

QlikView for tacs® is exclusively offered by PwC. Of course, clients who have already purchased the program can use QlikView also in all other business areas. When supporting a company in implementing the software, we can draw on our long-standing industry experience and our QlikView expertise, so that a transfer is completed quick and smooth.

QlikView for medical controlling

With QlikView for medical controlling, you can complete your DRG analysis in no time. This is an area where the advantages of QlikView are particularly apparent. You can put your analyses together independently and completely the way you want them. For example, use your data in order to conduct an analysis of primary and secondary diagnoses, per patient, doctor, period, institute or even per floor. You can build group and individual-case analyses, check times, display trends, and verify staffing. And when you need it, you can export the data or print and distribute it.

The advantages of Qlik

Using Qlik is straightforward and easy to learn – not only for IT specialists.


Realtime data
You have access to all data at all times, also on a detailed level. You will never have to wait for a report again.


Fast amortisation
Changing to Qlik is an efficient management process and will therefore pay off soon, also on a financial level.

One size fits all
Qlik can be adapted and tailored to any company’s requirements and size – regardless of whether it is a one-man show or and internationally active large corporation.


Variable integration options
You decide how you want to use Qlik in your company-in a cloud environment, on a mobile platform or on a laptop.


Tried and tested many times
We have already supported more than 1,000 large organisations in successfully transferring to Qlik.

Online Support

Not only do we provide support on site, we also give advice online, via TeamViewer.




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