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As a decision maker in pharmaceutical and life science you are facing major challenges every day: pressure to reduce costs and increase efficiency, urgency to innovate and leverage potential of digital and other exiting technologies to address patient needs, increasing regulation, global competition, disruption and convergence of the market. My team of passionate consultants and I would love to discuss with you how your company can successfully navigate in this demanding environment. 

Dominik Hotz, Health Industries Leader EMEA and Switzerland

Our Services

Our deep knowledge and well-connected global network allow us to react quickly and help our clients with their daily business challenges or on unique projects. We can help companies achieve the change required and their goals by utilising our firm's in-depth industry expertise.


There is a need for companies to consistently align investment with their vision of the manufacturing that will be needed in the future.

Supply Chain and distribution

We work with our clients to help them identify options such as outsourcing of manufacturing and distribution at an early stage of the business and product planning process.

Information Technology

Together with our clients, we use a combination of industry and technology expertise to develop process improvements that assist you in getting value from technology investments.

Research and Development

We help our clients formulate a new strategy for success and achieve increased performance by improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the company’s R&D operations.

Corporate and financial strategy

We help our clients to explore strategic options, align operational and financial tactics to enable their chosen corporate strategy and begin the process today of restructuring their business for tomorrow.

Tax and Regulatory Consulting

It’s becoming more difficult to comply with tax, legal and regulatory requirements in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Discover PwC’s four cutting-edge digital regulatory and tax solutions for pharma & life sciences companies.

Commercial operations

PwC can work with you to develop and implement a commercial model considering all important factors such as targeting sales and marketing resources accordingly to the customer needs and the relevant regulations – on a global, regional and local affiliate level.

Regulatory and compliance environment

We work with our clients to audit and develop management systems which enable greater transparency across the firm, inform the development of new approaches to a broad range of regulatory compliance, risk management procedures and help improve performance.


Global Top Health Industry Issues 2021

The healthcare industry responded with astonishing speed to the shock of the COVID-19 pandemic. In our report, PwC looks at four top issues that now affect global healthcare providers, insurers, pharmaceutical and life sciences companies, new entrants and employers. 

Insights from our client AbbVie Switzerland 

Dr. Patrick Horber, General Manager AbbVie Switzerland, points out the importance of reputation in business, especially in the Pharma industry, and the impact of having a trusted partner.


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Dominik Hotz

Partner, Health Industries Leader EMEA and Switzerland, PwC Switzerland

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