From pilot to scale

How to make digital health stick

The growth of digital health solutions has accelerated rapidly in the post-COVID era. But while there are plenty of innovative ideas in development, many companies are still struggling to move beyond promising pilots and into production at scale.

«From pilot to scale» examines the barriers to scale that most companies face and sets out the approaches that they can take to overcome those impediments. To take advantage of fast-growing demand for digital health solutions, companies must think beyond the initial stages of innovation and factor in scaling from the start.

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Digital Health

«Digital solutions should be linked with KPIs that are tied to customer value beyond revenue.»

Manuel PuigGlobal Head of Digital Solutions & Ecosystem at Roche Diabetes Care

Key insights

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Take a platform approach 

The most successful digital health solutions are platforms that focus on value across a portfolio rather than a single device or service.

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Prepare the back-end

Solutions must be supported by effective back-end processes and technology to enable effective operations at scale.

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Empower markets

No matter how innovative they are, digital health solutions will only prosper if they find favour with users. To achieve that requires the right balance between global development and the right approach to launching in local markets.

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