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Trust in institutions is being eroded, and people are increasingly concerned about their personal and digital security and whether they can rely on the truthfulness of information. Companies also might feel threatened by technological transformation and the societal changes it brings.

That’s why we deliver an innovative combination of human ingenuity and technologies to support you all the way from strategy to execution and operation. At PwC, we’re a community of solvers — powered by technology — committed to helping you achieve resilience, security and compliance along the way.

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Urs Küderli,Partner and Leader Cybersecurity and Privacy, PwC Switzerland
Urs Küderli

Urs Küderli
Partner and Leader Cybersecurity and Privacy, PwC Switzerland

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Selected references

Modern Workplace implementation

Multinational energy company

The client, pressured by Covid-19, deployed Microsoft technology, focusing on the technical solution to facilitate conferencing from home. However, the project had to be stopped due to lack of regulatory compliance. To mitigate the situation, we reviewed the client's regulatory landscape for all Swiss entities. We provided a structured approach and multiple blueprints, which served as a basis for designing and documenting the organisational, technical and contractual measures required by law. The client is now ready to onboard multiple entities to M365 and provide a service organisation centrally.

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Cyber Compliance Monitoring 

Swiss Private Bank

A lack of tool integration prevented the automated processing of vulnerabilities on the more than 19,000 servers on the client’s side. We reduced the bank's attack surface by implementing governance and a robust end-to-end process for handling vulnerabilities. By adding automation along the process, we were able to significantly reduce operational costs and, furthermore, we helped to define clear IT governance, including roles and responsibilities.

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Compromise Discovery

Service and Trade Organisation

PwC supported a client under attack in the process of incident response, leveraging PwC's proprietary content and threat intelligence expertise in providing indicators of compromise. We were able to identify and confirm suspicious activity across servers, workstations, and end-user computing environments. We succeeded in hunting for, containing and remediating threat actor activities at scale and in real time.

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Phishing campaign

Global insurance company

At the request of the internal audit group of a global insurance company, we built a customised and tailored phishing campaign and red teaming exercise. Based on the successful penetration and compromise of the systems and networks, the organisation decided to re-evaluate their IT and security spending and priorities.

Red Teaming Exercise

Manufacturing company

The client wanted to perform a cybersecurity assessment in order to understand their current security posture and gain insights into the technical and process weaknesses that could be exploited to gain system access and exfiltrate business-critical data. To achieve this, a red teaming exercise was performed, without the knowledge of the IT department, with the aim of testing the detection and response capabilities of their IT and outsourced Security Operations Centre (SOC).

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Maturity assessment of the security organisation

Swiss bank

The top management of the bank requested PwC to assess the maturity of its security organisation as well as its resilience against cyber risks. Moreover, the IT governance was evaluated against the NIST framework, the ISO standards for process maturity, and against Swiss regulations and PwC recommended practice. Based on the assessment, a gap analysis, a risk matrix and strategic recommendations for the management were created and presented to the board.

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The Forrester Wave™: European Cybersecurity Consulting Providers, Q3 2021

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