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Book keeping, controlling and accounting are the classic tasks of the finance sector. But this discipline is about more than just management of company figures. Legal and regulatory requirements have become more stringent than ever, and thus your finance sector must also assume responsibility for compliance with these regulations.

Thus, financial consulting has evolved from a purely internal service to become an important partner of management: Today the Finance department also helps the management and the Board of Directors to control the company. Together, they ensure that all processes are performed effectively and efficiently.

CEOs, CFOs, CROs and all other company leaders face a broad range of challenges: On the one hand, stakeholders and investors want them to achieve cost savings via lean and flexible management. Yet, on the other hand, they must also ensure compliance with all laws and regulations. Thus, the Finance department can make a substantial contribution to successful business management.

Our financial consulting team will guide you through all major business decisions: We'll show you how to improve performance, optimise your processes and make your company fit for future challenges.

Our financial advisory services can help you with all your important business decisions: we show you how to improve your performance, optimise your processes and prepare your company to meet all the challenges of the future.

Roger Kunz-Brenner, Head Finance Consulting, PwC Switzerland

Our financial advice services

Enterprise performance management

We can help you to successfully implement your strategies and thus steadily boost performance.


Accounting standards

Are you busy with a conversion to IFRS or Swiss GAAP FER? Then please contact our experts who have a long cross-industry experience of such issues. We can help you to migrate your accounts to one of these new regulatory options.

Financial services – risk management

PwC's financial experts can work with you to find the best financial strategy for your business. Furthermore, we can also support you with risk management.

Business intelligence

The right BI strategy can help you implement processes more effectively and efficiently. You should always adopt a holistic approach in order to improve your response. We can support you.

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Management accounting & controlling

We can work with you to find the relevant control parameters and the most appropriate methods, tools and systems for controlling your business.

Business software

A software solution aligned to your needs allows efficiency gains and helps to promote and secure data quality.

Treasury & financial risk management

Working capital and cash management contribute substantially to a company's success. We can help you align your financial policy to meet all future requirements.

Research and insights

Creating value through low complexity

Our video introduction shows you how to reduce complexity in your business and thus achieve even higher value. You can also learn how to reduce your costs, optimise your processes, and deliver better outcomes for your customers. Our tips will increase the sustainable growth of your business. Learn more now.


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Roger Kunz-Brenner

Roger Kunz-Brenner

Partner, Finance Consulting, PwC Switzerland

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Jörg Thews

Jörg Thews

Partner, Swiss Insurance Leader, PwC Switzerland

Tel: +41 58 792 26 35

Patrick Akiki

Patrick Akiki

Partner, Financial Services Market Lead, PwC Switzerland

Tel: +41 58 792 25 19