Connected Tax Compliance

One Team. One Platform. One Approach.

We are all facing challenges

  • More complex tax returns but too few resources to handle them?
  • More important data but too few resources to capitalise on it?
  • More changes in the tax landscape but too little time to navigate them
  • More technology but too few capabilities to master it?
  • More backoffice tasks but too few resources?

Sound familiar?

In a fast-moving tax reporting landscape, all companies operating in multiple countries face the seemingly impossible challenge of meeting more compliance requirements with fewer resources. We’ve developed a new approach to resolve the dilemma. By simplifying the way you handle compliance and reporting throughout your organisation, we help you do radically more with less.

Data strategy for a new era of tax, sustainability, and value creation

Data has never been more important. With regulatory requirements changing, a unified data strategy can unlock value and maintain stakeholder trust. 

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The answer to compliance complexity: One Team, One Platform, One Approach.

Coordinate to accelerate

The one team approach makes sure everything we do is done holistically. It enables us to reimagine the possible.

You’ll have a dedicated, central PwC relationship team that works closely with you to centralise oversight, simplify overall governance and provide valuable insight into your business. We operate as an extension to your own team without the cost of additional technology or headcount. Your core relationship team is the point of contact through which you can access PwC’s global capabilities in tax and beyond. This core team has the support of a broader team whose job it is to deliver consistent, high-quality integrated compliance around the world. You’ll benefit from disciplines from tax compliance and accounting to SFS and payroll ‒ with the option of adding more functionality as you see opportunities for further benefits.

Automate to accelerate

Our technology platform, Sightline, provides governance, oversight and a digital audit trail.

With a single, secure technology platform responsible for coordinating and delivering compliance-related services, you’re assured a consistent approach across taxes and territories, without coordination and project management effort on your part. Integrated technology brings everything together, keeping you in full control of your compliance. You’ll get real-time status updates and will have clear, customisable dashboards to track your progress across services. The platform can also give you detailed outputs and analysis on demand for rapid insights and business partnering. The platform streamlines processes and unlocks value at every step.

Illuminate to accelerate

Our one approach gives your team 360-degree visibility to manage your entire tax relationship.

Life is easier when your processes are consistent across the globe. Your tax team at PwC will deliver consistently using one approach. The first step is to help you assess, cleanse and validate data and prepare it for use across your tax function. This reduces the time required for data preparation and extraction by up to 80%. That way, no matter what you include in the scope, our core team will have the data they need to deliver on what is important to you, provide real-time status updates, and achieve on-time delivery across each type of compliance. This data is a hugely valuable resource: you can use it across the business, for example to compare territory ETRs, examine trends, understand loss positions, manage risks and opportunities, and make better strategic and tactical decisions.

How you can benefit

On a purely practical level:

  • Consistent service
  • Flexible, scalable compliance process
  • Simplified, tech-enabled data collection
  • Less compliance, finance and reputation risk
  • Strategic tax and legal advice beyond laws alone

On a fundamental level:

  • No more data challenges
  • Tax function can focus on other activities
  • Reduced costs
  • The agility to stay ahead of change
  • Insights for effective business partnering


'Staying compliant in a much faster tax reporting environment can feel like an impossible task. We’ve reimagined what best-in-class compliance looks like, integrating and automating the process across taxes and territories, reducing disruptions and giving you time back.'

Bruno HollensteinLeader Connected Compliance, PwC Switzerland

Tired of having to do more with less? 

Eager to be contributing more value to the business? Talk to us about how we could apply business, tech and people savvy to transform the compliance experience across your organisation.

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