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How to make payroll outsourcing work for you

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Employment and contract law, social security, cross-border commuting permits, withholding and income tax, salary statements and employee shares probably aren’t things that get your pulse racing. But for us they do.

That’s why we’re happy for you to leave your payroll processing to us. We’ll assist you wherever you’re based: in Switzerland, Liechtenstein, or anywhere else. We can provide individual payroll services or a complete payroll solution, either in the form of traditional outsourcing or on your premises via body leasing. Whether the solution uses middleware, interfaces or web-based access, none of your information is lost, and you can access it anytime and anywhere within the wider field of HR.

Many good reasons for using payroll solutions from PwC

Whatever form our partnership takes, it’ll save you time, effort and nervous wear and tear. That’s because you’ll have an experienced, stable team of payroll experts on your case. They can give you payroll advice, show you how to implement changes to laws and regulations promptly, master the year-end process, and get the most out of the latest technologies. You can rest assured that your payroll accounting tasks are being carried out in full compliance with the law, on time and with the utmost efficiency.

Find your ideal solution

It’s quick and easy to get started

You get in touch with us to discuss your payroll services requirements. We’ll need a few key details such as the number of employees and expatriates, branch offices or employee participation schemes. This initial exchange may take place in person, by phone or by email.

We analyse the status quo and identify how we can best support you with our payroll services. We then send you a tailored quote, which you’re welcome to compare against other payroll service providers.

If you do decide to go with us, simply sign the quote and send it back to us. We’ll agree on a suitable start date.

In preparation for this meeting we’ll send you a list of the necessary documents, such as pension fund regulations, employee data, HR regulations, etc. We’ll also send you a realistic timeline.

Then we get started together, either with a meeting or a conference call (for example if you’re in another country). In this discussion we’ll clarify any queries and formalities. Other people may be involved depending on the scope of your payroll solution.

If you don’t get to know every team member at the kick-off meeting we’ll introduce you to the others at a second meeting.

Payroll services bring a lot of different threads together. As an experienced outsourcing partner, we offer our clients everything from a single source. This minimises the risks and saves money.

Marlene Oswald, Treuhand/Corporate Support Services, PwC Switzerland

Many good reasons for Payroll Services with PwC


We play an active role in shaping changes to the law, for example the guidance on the salary certificate. This means that you’re always well informed and your payroll accounting is up to date with the law, protecting you against any surprises during an audit. Our payroll service is also attested in accordance with ISAE 3402 for outsourced payroll processes.


Our payroll specialists and income tax experts support clients on a long-term basis, upskilling all the time. This means you have highly motivated people who enhance their know-how with the experience of the team and are glad to support for many years.


The security of your data is a top priority for us. That is why we protect them in accordance with all the relevant data protection regulations, both in the EU and nationally. We also use the ‘Insight’ web application based on Microsoft SharePoint, and combine this with the latest salary software.

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