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Telecommunications and Media

The Future of Telecommunications and Media

Globalisation, digitalisation, restructuring and convergence

No economic sector is presently changing faster than the technology, communications and media world. We can help you capitalise upon change and growth for the benefit of your company.

Our expertise

  • Data analysis / Big data
    Do you want to analyse your customer data to increase sales and establish closer ties with your customers ? With our data analysis support you could gather profitable information.
  • Process optimisation / IT strategy
    Flexible processes are the basis for innovation, and these demand the right IT solutions. We can work with you to analyse and optimise your processes.
  • Risk management
    The technological revolution has shifted traditional boundaries. Yet, whilst the new Cyber-era provides opportunities for innovation and increased productivity, it also poses new risks. We can help you to exploit the opportunities whilst avoiding the hazards.

Research and insights

Corruption: a phenomenon that is both old and new

Corruption: a phenomenon that is both old and new

Various forms of corruption have accompanied humanity throughout time. However, in the last few decades it has increasingly become a public phenomenon. Today, we know that corruption causes massive economic and political damage. In the 1990s, corruption became a global issue and led to numerous international anti-corruption conventions and treaties. Switzerland has ratified three of these, while also steadily developing its domestic anti-corruption laws consistently with these conventions and treaties. Yet, despite these efforts, corruption remains a significant challenge for private undertakings as well as state actors – even more so in the context of technological advancement.

The 101 of data protection in gaming and esports

The 101 of data protection in gaming and esports

For a couple of years now, everyone has been speaking about data protection. With digitalisation, data is increasingly collected through more and more Web 2.0 services and with it, the tremendous value of data has been recognised by different entities. Subsequently, data protection laws worldwide have become more complex in recent years and imposed new obligations on those involved in the processing of data. With the rise of the metaverse and NFTs, the gaming and esports industry has gained importance lately. Given the large amount of data processed through their online activities, these industries are heavily affected by data protection regulations.

Our experts

Patrick Balkanyi

Partner and Leader Swiss GAAP FER, Zurich, PwC Switzerland

+41 58 792 26 76


Bogdan Sutter

Director Advisory, Strategy and Digital Change Expert, Bern, Bern, PwC Switzerland

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