Sustainability in tax and legal

Political initiatives such as the EU Green Deal and the increasing focus on climate and responsible business objectives are influencing organisations in Switzerland as well. Now is the time to act and include the impact of environmental taxes, people/social aspects as well as governance (tax strategy, operations and transparency) in your business decisions.

The time for talk is over

The new Sustainability focus and increased use of environmental taxes will impact companies’ pricing and margins. A clear assessment of this impact will not only allow you to adapt your strategy but also to identify funding opportunities. Environmental taxes are usually not on the radar of the tax function. But the increasing number of tax audits in this respect will likely lead to the tax function becoming responsible for the management of these taxes. Same goes for the people – social and governance components. We help you turn your company’s tax function into an informed discussion partner for your management and other business units in charge of Sustainability.

EU Green Deal

Tackle your key Tax and Legal Sustainability challenges

Societal expectations

Regulatory changes

As governments around the world increasingly using environmental taxes and carbon pricing to change the behavior of companies we must assess their impact to evaluate the strategies, risk and business model. In addition, to finance their transition toward a greener future companies can and should identify tax credits, incentives and funding's that there are eligible to.

Societal expectations

Transparency and reporting

Acting responsibly is no longer a choice – it's a business imperative. Governments, consumers, investors, employees, and society at large are demanding transparency from companies on how they address Sustainability issues and policies. The tax transparency reporting and strategy continues to evolve. Companies must define their approach to tax transparency and coordinate it with their broader sustainability strategy.

Societal expectations

Sustainability Data collection and monitoring

Environmental taxes are usually not on the radar of the tax function. But the increasing number of tax audits in this respect will likely lead to the tax function becoming responsible for the management of these taxes. Consequently, to tackle this obligation tax functions will have to insure that they have access to the required data. To insure proper reporting they must have in place: high quality data, clear processes and control.

Societal expectations

Sustainability strategy

When designing the company Sustainability strategy the tax function is usually not initially involved. However the increasing importance of environmental taxes, carbon pricing and their impact on the price of the product and margin will likely transform the tax function to a key player of the Sustainability strategy, value chain and business model discussion. Tax function should see Sustainability as an opportunity to transform and become an effective business partner to management and operations.

How PwC can help you to tackle your key Tax and Legal Sustainability challenges

With our broad experience and manifold services, we can ideally support you in your Sustainability transformation. PwC offers you a tailor-made service and product package.

All about Sustainability and tax

  • Sustainability tax readiness assessment
  • Environmental tax
  • Green tax database and incentives navigator
  • Green tax modelling tool
  • Company selfie
  • Tax transparency strategy
  • Tax transparency report
  • Total tax contribution
  • Patent box and R&D super deduction

We help you on your journey towards a sustainable global strategy

  • Ensuring indirect taxes, and customs and global trade as an Sustainability metric.
  • Expanding current disclosure processes, systems and controls to include indirect taxes, and customs and trade compliance.
  • Indirect taxes, and customs and trade compliance optimisation.
  • Determining the right format for indirect taxes, and customs and trade compliance information.

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We help you meet all regulatory requirements

  •  Regulatory gap analysis and Sustainability transformation
  • Sustainability rating methodology
  • Sustainability  risk management and control framework
  • Sustainability for commodity traders
  • Sustainability in loan origination
  • Sustainability data governance and provider analysis
  • Regulatory radar for non-FS clients
  • EU taxonomy and SFDR portfolio assessment
  • Sustainability contracting
  • Foundations with Sustainability flags

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Don't forget your people on your Sustainability tranformation journey

  • Diversity and inclusion consulting
  • Equal-salary certification
  • Compensation framework
  • New world. New skills.

Sustainability is here to stay. But in terms of green taxation there is no international harmonisation yet. A holistic overview of the environmental taxes your company might be exposed to enables you to make informed decisions and optimise your activities.

Erik Steiger, PartnerLeader of Sustainability and Tax Reporting & Strategy, PwC Switzerland

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