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Enable your team today. Drive business performance tomorrow.

Unlock the full value of audit

Welcome to the new world of auditing. A world where the Chief Financial Officer and team have a firm grip on the daily business and help improve the effectiveness and performance of the company every day. It’s a world where stakeholders’ expectations are met and getting deep insights and value. It’s a world where the CFO has transformed from scorekeeper into enabler of business performance.

A customised solution that serves you

As a company, you are transforming every day to make yourself part of a digital information ecosystem a little more. You’re connecting with your customers, suppliers, banks, the authorities and the financial markets, all sharing data and information rapidly on an automated basis. This requires new powerful technology. At the same time, audit is changing rapidly – you need high data quality, more cost efficiency, security, transparency and more.

Tomorrow's audit, today.

Our technology enabled audit offers a perfect blend of people and technology: Delivering exceptional quality, saving your time and giving you deeper insights.

Value driven

A high quality, cost-efficient, safe, transparent audit that enhances fact-based decision-making for your business.


A customised solution that fits your status of transformation and serves your needs.

Technology driven

New technology that identifies issues and opportunities for your business.

At the core of PwC’s digital audit is the perfect balance between our people and our technology. Our approach is centered around our clients’ needs with focus on processes, data and technology, bringing our people to the forefront. Our objective is to deliver tomorrow’s audit today, which saves time, delivers quality and provides deeper business-relevant insights. We are excited and thankful to be on this journey with our clients.

Maja BaioccoPartner and Leader Technology Enabled Audit, PwC Switzerland

Maximise your benefits through the interplay between people and technology

Our technology enabled audit works with the situation you’re in today. Change is tackled hand in hand with you and your team. We take the time to guide you through the ongoing process of identifying areas where innovation makes sense and then making sure the transition runs smoothly at a pace you’re comfortable with. Together, we will adapt your processes, controls, structures and corporate governance systems accordingly – the only way of generating, analysing and making proper use of the necessary data for an impactful audit.


Audit and digital IQ combined to deliver exceptional service


Enhanced quality, relevant audit plans, targeted testing


A real-time view across the globe like never before


Less data prep, less disruption, saves you time


Automations built by your engagement team — just for your audit


Relevant insights into your business as a result of the audit

The audit re-imagined

What role will emerging technology play in the future of audit?

Driven by the need for high quality, cost-efficiency, security, transparency and fact-based decision-making, companies are making themselves part of digital information ecosystems where they’re connected with customers, suppliers, authorities, banks and financial markets, all sharing data and information rapidly on an automated basis. This is leading to an explosion in data volumes and forcing participants to adapt their processes, controls, structures and corporate governance systems accordingly – the only way of generating, analysing and making proper use of the necessary data.

The audit re-imagined: collaboration platform

Aura, our global audit platform, is used by our nearly 100,000 auditors worldwide.

Our tool provides more efficient and secure information sharing at each stage of the audit.

Halo is PwC’s leading-edge technology for data extraction, auditing and visualisation.

PwC estimates that 45% of workforce tasks can be automated.

Around 80% of the data generated by humans is unstructured, and isn’t used to its full potential.

Although it’s in its infancy, the AI-enhanced audit is already being used to make the audit process better.

Blockchain technology and smart contracts help CFOs streamline processes and enhance transparency.

Being a new crucial platform for data collection, drones have become an indispensable business tool.

IoT is driving the digital transformation and will make it tangible.

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Your tomorrow's audit, today

We help you create a finance function meeting and exceeding future expectations.


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