Commercial, Sourcing and Technology

Effective contracts are critical to implement commercial strategies

Almost every aspect of business involves commercial contracts - with your suppliers, your customers, and your business partners. Drafting and negotiating contracts can be complex and challenging, and a lot depends on getting it right.

Working alongside PwC’s tax and advisory specialists, we provide a unique, integrated style of legal advice for your commercial project – whether that be sourcing and procurement, new business ventures or alliances, or technology related services and licensing.

Our team of commercial contract experts will accompany you throughout the contract lifecycle, from the strategic structuring of transactions, drafting and negotiation, to amending contracts as part of an operational transformation, managing disputes and termination and exit strategies.

Digitalisation and the technology revolution are driving changes that expose businesses to increased legal risk, such as security, data and privacy concerns which stem from the use of cloud services or the adoption of new digital platforms. We advise on all aspects of IT contracts including outsourcing, cloud services, system implementation, software development and licensing arrangements.

What we do for clients

Commercial affairs

  • Drafting and negotiating all types of commercial contracts
  • Helping you transact in an international environment
  • Identifying and mitigating the most significant risks and issues


  • Software licensing and development
  • IT-related service contracts, including data hosting, data centre facilities, SaaS, IaaS and PaaS models
  • IT systems and business process outsourcing
  • M&A related activities (transitional IT services, cross-licensing and technology transfer)

Contracts for Transfer Pricing

  • Reflecting the spirit of your organisation’s TP policy in legal terms
  • Advising on legal issues related to TP, including flow of goods or services, title and ownership issues 

Contract management

  • Assisting with the creation and roll-out of policies, templates and play-books 
  • Helping you design and implement technology solutions to support contract management, control workflow and increase efficiency

Contracts for Intellectual Property (IP)

  • Managing third parties for our clients
  • Maintaining IP-related contracts through their lifecycle
  • Providing contract templates
  • Ensuring controlled access to existing contracts