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Driving exellence, innovation and operational agility through supply chain consulting

At PwC, we are your trusted partner in the evolution of supply chain and operations

Recognising that a robust and efficient supply chain is the backbone of every thriving business, we specialise in elevating your operation strategies to make your supply chain a strategic asset for sustainable growth.

Our mission is clear and impactful: to use your supply chain assets in the best way to support your business goals. We tailor your supply chain and processes to the appropriate levels of efficiency, responsiveness and agility for your business.

To succeed in our mission, we use proven models and tools such as the SCOR® (Supply Chain Operations Reference) model. This model encompasses three primary levels: Process, Performance and Best Practices. It serves as a comprehensive guide, delineating key processes, performance metrics and recommended best practices for organisations striving to optimise their supply chain operations.

In the ever-evolving landscape of supply chain and operations, we also understand the critical role these functions play in the success of your business. PwC is committed to driving excellence, innovation and competitiveness within your supply chain to support sustainable success.

Partner with us as we embark on a journey to meet industry standards and set new benchmarks in your business's operations through supply chain consulting.

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Wolfram Koester
Partner, Supply Chain & Operations, PwC Switzerland
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Christoph Wellinger
Senior Executive Advisor, Supply Chain & Operations, PwC Switzerland
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Our service offering

Supply chain strategy and operating model transformation

Capitalising on your investments in assets and digital, we operate with a growth mindset to make your supply chain future-proof. Drawing on cross-sector experience, our experts bring an enterprise end-to-end view. They can work with you to develop the right supply chain strategy and operating models to enable fit-for-purpose supply chains, while connectivity, agility and resilience are key competitive advantages.

We can also help you get the flexibility you need to adapt your capacity, unlock value in your network and create resilience throughout the value chain. Our experience in supply chain operating model design and implementation delivered desired organisational objectives for our clients – leveraging cross-industry learnings, innovative technical interventions and our structured approach to manufacturing and customer value streams.

Procurement transformation

Our strategic procurement transformation approach is your key to resilience and sustainability. We understand that supply chains contribute to 60-90% of a business's greenhouse gas emissions - that's why we support you in managing and mitigating sustainability and ESG-related risks. With our state-of-the-art procurement transformations, we lay the groundwork for resilient and sustainable supply chain structures. Through a combination of strategic foresight, digital innovation, and a commitment to sustainability, our proactive approach to supply chain consulting supports your organisation in seizing emerging opportunities.
Ultimately, a resilient procurement strategy will drive the success of your procurement capabilities, enhancing overall organizational value in today's volatile business environment.

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Integrated planning and execution

Is your organisation able to respond quickly to changes in demand or disruptions, and foster collaboration amongst stakeholders across the value chain for better resilience?

Our Integrated Planning & Execution (IP&E) service empowers organisations to navigate the complexities of modern markets, seamlessly integrating commercial, operational and financial aspects through a comprehensive approach that unifies strategic planning, demand and supply chain management, financial planning, and risk mitigation. This approach combined with expertise in advanced analytics, machine learning and robust system infrastructure validation sets our offering apart in ensuring the reliability and accuracy of data flows across the entire planning ecosystem. By aligning these critical elements, we propel our clients towards agile, data-driven success, fostering growth and sustained profitability leveraging a holistic and agile planning framework.

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Logistics network optimisation

Transport, warehouse and distribution centre operations link manufacturers to end consumers. A well-designed logistics network can reduce costs, improve service levels, and increase flexibility and resilience. Our team can take you through building transport, inventory and warehousing strategies around your customer service goals, benchmarking against key competitors and industries and operationalising the distribution network. Considering new and upcoming ESG regulations, our experts will prepare your logistics function to meet client requirements while improving the flexibility of services and reducing exposure risks.

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Manufacturing excellence

Reaching manufacturing excellence within your organisation requires systematic and sustained efforts to achieve the highest levels of performance. It requires the development and implementation of a supply chain consulting strategy that ensures the continuous improvement of processes, systems and overall operations to optimise efficiency, quality and productivity. The goal of manufacturing excellence is to create a competitive advantage by consistently delivering high-quality products at a competitive cost. Our leading team can support you in reaching your objectives and possesses expertise in key areas of manufacturing excellence (such as lean management, Six Sigma, continuous improvement) and in enabling technologies (such as AR/VR, IoT, co-bots and more).

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Hot topics


Ensure transparency throughout your supply chain, anticipating regulatory developments and reducing reputational risks to increase efficiency and minimise detrimental effects on the environment and society. Our experts in supply chain consulting can help you overcome these hurdles – from designing strategy and processes to implementation.

Risk and resilience

Limit disruption to your supply chain and drive transformation throughout your organisation, defining a new approach to managing risk and building resiliency. We can help identify underlying vulnerabilities and the level of exposure to disruptions. We help you to build resilient supply chains – from disruption prevention to operational recovery.

Digitalisation and E2E visibility

Transform traditional supply chains into connected, scalable, flexible digital supply chains. Harness disruptive technologies, including intelligent sensors and artificial intelligence, and create the foundation for analytics and E2E supply chain visibility. Our experts can help you identify value drivers, gather insights from data and assets and drive improvements via advanced analytical and digital solutions.

Integration post M&A

Define and develop the suitable target-state operating model that will guide integration planning. Our experts identify value creation potential, create sustainable growth strategies, and support you in designing, building and implementing a target supply chain & operations operating model for the combined businesses in a sustainable way.


Artificial Intelligence for supply chain

Understand how artificial intelligence can add value beyond analytics and how to apply generative AI, deep learning, and machine learning methods. The range of applications includes task automation, decision support and fully automated decision making. Supply chain operations areas span from manufacturing supply operations to procurement, logistics delivery optimisation, process optimisation and risk management.


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