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Transfer Pricing & Value Chain Optimisation

More efficiency and added value

More efficiency and added value

Changing your business model or expanding into new markets impacts upon your transfer pricing. In addition, a stronger focus on sustainable business practices, transparency, and your own company needs, makes a review of your transfer pricing system even more important. We'll show you how to develop and implement sustainable transfer pricing models based on your specific company requirements.

Our Transfer Pricing services

Transfer Pricing Measures

We can help you to analyse and define your current transfer pricing, or help to make your business restructuring more sustainable and reduce your potential tax risks.


Transfer Pricing Models

PwC can help you develop a transfer pricing model tailored to your business needs.


Transfer Pricing Strategies

We can help you develop arm's length transfer pricing strategies. At the same time we can also identify any possible partnerships which would result in beneficial amendments to your transfer pricing model.


Transfer Pricing Documentation

We offer an efficient, globally coordinated approach to the documentation of intragroup transactions. This will both help you to meet local compliance requirements and also avoid any transfer pricing risks.


Value Chain Optimisation

We ensure that your Value Chain, taxes and other operational aspects are properly coordinated.


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Benjamin Koch

Partner and Leader Transfer Pricing PwC Europe, Zurich, PwC Switzerland

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David McDonald

Partner and Leader FSTP PwC Europe, Zurich, PwC Switzerland

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Maurizio Borriello

Partner Transfer Pricing & Value Chain Transformation, Zurich, PwC Switzerland

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Jim Matthews

Partner, Transfer Pricing and Value Chain Transformation, Geneva, PwC Switzerland

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Yan Hurdowar

Partner - Transfer Pricing and Value Chain Transformation, Geneva, PwC Switzerland

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Roman Leimer

Partner Familienunternehmen und Leiter Family Governance , Bern, PwC Switzerland

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