Change Management & Communications

Delivering real, sustainable change.

If you want your organisation to continue benefiting from positive changes, you will need to rely heavily on your employees – the people who have contributed to this change and accept it.

You can maximise your chances of lasting results if the values of your organisation, and the change initiative itself, are consistent with the personal motivation of your employees. However, this requires strong and inspirational leadership. We can help you to establish a feasible change strategy, where corporate values are in line with the values of your employees.

How we can help

  • Clarify the need for change
  • Create a leading coalition that is aware of change-related challenges
  • Mobilise support for change in the organisation
  • Assess the impact of change and the extent to which the organisation is prepared for it
  • Plan change and communication
  • Analyse and manage stakeholders
  • Develop leadership capable of promoting change


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Myriam Denk

Myriam Denk

Partner, People & Organisation, PwC Switzerland

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Tobias Sattler

Tobias Sattler

Managing Director, People & Organisation, PwC Switzerland

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