Portfolio and Programme Management (PPM)

Delivering transformation initiatives to achieve strategic objectives has never been more complex. Are you prepared to tackle the challenges ahead?

Shifts in global economic power, demographic changes, the digital economy and the emergence of disruptive global players all demand change but make it challenging to achieve. One vital component of successful transformation is portfolio and programme management (PPM) ‒ provided it’s driven by corporate strategy and focused on the realisation of benefits while remaining responsive to the growing number of complex challenges. PwC is here to help you make your strategy & transformations a success, reducing management costs while increasing project success. 

PwC’s PPM capabilities have been developed to address the most frequent and significant challenges you face when approaching organisational transformations. We bring the best of our extensive experience, industry knowledge, tailored tools and templates, and specialised professional networks to help you prioritise your transformation, execute it effectively and realise the benefits.

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Our PPM services

Delivering transformational change – tailored to your needs

If you want to successfully transform your business across the organisation to meet strategic business objectives, we can help you with the following portfolio and programme management activities, utilising the latest technological trends:

Manage the programme or project by setting the tone and pace to point the initiative in the right direction from the outset.

Deliver the programme using agile and traditional methodology to allow you to thrive in a world of disruption. We work together to rapidly create customer value through sustainable new ways of working.

Recover the programme by identifying alternative project approaches and strategies

Assure that the programme or project is on target.

Align the portfolio, enabling strategic decisions based on a balance of long-term strategies and short-term imperatives, agile governance and a series of adaptable processes, tools and techniques.

Assess and optimise the portfolio or programme to ensure success.

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We apply our knowledge and expertise to help our clients manage, deliver and align their transformation initiatives to their strategic business needs to ensure long-term success.

Marc LahmannPartner, Strategy & Transformation, PwC Switzerland

What our clients say

Transforming a client’s portfolio management towards an agile and value-driven approach with enhanced transparency and dynamic planning

Companies are under growing pressure to deliver high value on their investments to develop their business. In parallel, an increasingly complex and fast-changing competitive environment makes accurate financial and resource planning and anticipation very challenging for those responsible for project and product development.

Our team of project portfolio specialists has helped entities shift from a pure waterfall and plan-driven portfolio setting to an agile and value-oriented hybrid lean portfolio management approach.

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