Legal M&A

Acquisitions, mergers and disposals: identifying and preventing legal transaction risks

As a result of digitalisation, strategic, operational and legal aspects are now more closely linked than ever before. This raises a number of questions:How do companies and other organisations identify and avoid legal risks when acquiring, disposing of or taking over divisions of a company?

What is important for the heart of every deal, the share purchase agreement (SPA)? What advantages does a locked box structure have over closing accounts? How can management protect itself, especially in liability matters? And how does W&I insurance become a real benefit?

Clear competitive advantage for the benefit of our clients

We know the answers. PwC Switzerland’s experienced mergers & acquisitions lawyers, transaction specialists, tax and financing experts are part of the world’s largest international legal network. In order to make your national and international transaction projects a success, our experts bring all their legal competence, industry expertise and mergers & acquisitions experience to bear. We are simply your best partner for every transaction. Our interdisciplinary set-up is a clear competitive advantage because our interdisciplinary team not only keeps an eye on legal aspects, but also on tax and financial aspects.

Total deal advice that extends from planning, through implementation to integration.

We provide you with all services “from a single source” so that you can achieve your goals. You have access to specific know-how, extensive experience and our international network at all times. Our advice begins in the run-up to the transaction by conducting legal due diligence and also includes the conception and planning of a company acquisition or disposal. We will represent you in contract negotiations during the implementation phase and prepare the complete documentation. We will guide you through the entire process: from due diligence to closing and beyond, including integrations of companies or divisions of companies. Are you planning a transaction? Feel free to contact us.