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Salesforce is your password to access the future.

Count on us for your next Salesforce project. Let us take your business to new heights. 

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Your perfect partner

PwC is a leading Salesforce partner with a global network of software architects, developers and industry experts. Our proven BXT method combines three dimensions  ̶̶  «business, experience and technology». The results obtained with this method are able to meet the ever-changing challenges of your industry and make PwC the perfect partner to implement your Salesforce project end to end. 

To deliver the outcomes that our clients need, we’re continually investing in areas that matter. That’s why we’re delighted to be named the Most Certified Salesforce User Experience Designer Partner in EMEA in 2022. It’s all about bringing together Business, Experience and Technology (BXT) in a way that drives sustained business success for our clients. To find out more, contact us. We’d love to show you how we can make a difference in your world.

Salesforce Partner

Our know-how is your know-how

Sell more efficiently and more ingeniously with the help of the world’s leading distribution platform.

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Artificial Intelligence for all. Salesforce Einstein is a quantum leap forward in productivity.

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First-rate customer service, at all times and on all your communication channels. Go the extra mile for your customers.

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Get your marketing upgrade for unique customer experiences and tailor-made interactions.

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Unique customer experiences fast-track your success, online and offline.

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Collaboration redefined: Interact intelligently with your customers and partners. 

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Salesforce for your line of business




Utilise the leverage of Salesforce to collaborate more closely and more productively with your partners, distributors and customers. Create more proximity with custom-made solutions.







Pharmaceutical industry and healthcare

Only Salesforce can connect researchers, patients, medical staff and equipment data-based and in real time. Introduce innovations more rapidly and ensure better patient care with the help of Salesforce.



Retail and consumer goods

To your customers, tailored solutions make all the difference. Salesforce provides all customer data at a click to process orders instantly and to provide customers with an effective end-to-end service.



Non-profit organisations

Your organisation relies on your network, take good care of it. Salesforce secures the necessary resources and connects you for life.



Financial services

The industry is changing radically and customers are uncompromising. Financial service providers have to seek new ways to meet old and new requirements. Salesforce is customisable and fast and anticipates your customers’ every wish.



Cross industry

Set the course for your digital future. Push the boundaries of your industry. Salesforce directly and reliably connects you with partners and customers of other industries.

«Salesforce measurably boosts your success. Our approach offers you a modern and custom-made solution for your sales and marketing organisation.»

Alexander Schultz-Wirth, Partner, PwC Switzerland

Here is why we are the right Salesforce partner for you.

Scaling at the touch of a button

Our Salesforce experts are there for you, wherever you are. They can meet your local and global demands and are quick to react to changes. Count on our PwC team at your production site abroad as well.

Make vs. buy 

Identify the components that can be implemented out of the box and determine which ones have to be adapted. We evaluate your requirements to give you the advice you need thanks to our large benchmarking pool.

Agile and efficient

We put every step in the development to the test with agile practices, short, interactive sprints and end users. These speedy feedback loops deliver rapid results, reduce risks and enable efficient implementation of Salesforce.

PwC & Salesforce

PwC’s a global strategic Salesforce Partner. Driven by the idea that companies should treat all customers like they're the only customer, PwC's solutions - powered by Salesforce - are designed to strengthen your client relationships and experience. From sales, service, customer management, marketing and more, we'll help you find the right Salesforce solution to meet your needs.

Our pioneering approach

Let us assist you with our two-way approach: classic transformation and agile, interactive processes. All transformation phases – from prototype to implementation – are repeated iteratively. This warrants that your solution is precisely tailored to your needs and requirements only.

In a first step, we determine the cornerstones and building blocks of your project as well as the framework used to measure your success. We conduct workshops and interviews with you and your customers and prioritise requirements. In a second step, we develop the data and integration strategy and devise a road map for the project’s implementation.

The target architecture is defined according to the requirements. We deduct the key processes and their main features and define the security and data model as well as the key performance indicators (KPIs). We also define internal and external collaborations, the necessary points of intersection and the suitable migration strategy for your project.

We employ agile methods and a step by step approach on the journey to the final product. Small work entities ensure that the product is tested by the relevant stakeholders after every iteration to take on board their feedback. We are also there to help should you want to introduce new procedures or measure your performance.

Successful implementation naturally includes immediate support during and after the implementation phase as much as finding rapid solutions to the challenges on hand. We help you to organise pilot trainings and we train your employees. You benefit from a complete knowledge transfer and a documentation of all the steps and results of the project.

Our support extends beyond the implementation of your new system. Count on our assistance when making the necessary organisational adaptations. We safeguard the quality of your data and continue to assist you in your efforts to further develop your Salesforce platform.

Our pioneering approach

Begin your Salesforce journey.

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Your Salesforce experts

Alexander Schultz-Wirth

Partner FS Technology Consulting and Customer Centric Transformation, PwC Switzerland

+41 58 792 47 97


Oliver Ripplinger

Director, Customer Centric Transformation, PwC Switzerland

+41 58 792 4754