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Salesforce and PwC bring companies and customers together which allows you collect and share all relevant information on one platform – anytime and anywhere. Take your business to the next level – from sales, service, customer management, marketing, and data analytics to the collaboration with your partners and your ambition to reach net zero.

As a leading Salesforce partner with a global network of software architects, developers, and industry experts, we are looking forward to designing your Salesforce project and supporting you in its implementation. Our extensive experience in various business fields coupled with business expertise and technical knowledge enables us to address your industry-specific challenges and problems. 

Running one of Salesforce’s largest global implementations helps PwC accelerate and grow strategically, strengthen employee and client experiences synergistically, and continually evolve to lead in new opportunities.

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Every industry has its own challenges – and every business needs its own solution.

Our tailor-made, industry-specific modules are enabled by Salesforce, driven by our business perspective and experience, and focused on an innovative customer journey. We’ve made great technology even better to fully cover your needs and requirements. 

From working with our clients, we have learned that standard solutions are often not enough. That's why we have developed our own industry-specific modules and solutions. From evaluating your needs and goals to project design and implementation of your individual Salesforce solution – we accompany you all the way. And after the successful deployment, we remain your partner and take care of your performance control and of desired extensions. 

With the impact of increased regulation, new fintech market players, and the ever-changing needs of customers, the financial industry is challenged to find new strategies.

As a financial services company, you want to be a trusted partner for your customers and increase their satisfaction and loyalty. In addition, you need to ensure a secure and smooth handling of sensitive data and protect your company against cyber threats. This requires best-in-class tools and technology to manage relationships and performance.

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Integrated solution for financial service

Our Salesforce-integrated solution, OneBank, enables all this and allows to get a 360-degree view of your customers, based on proactive alerts, analytics, and a tailored insight into their needs and your relationships with them. With OneBank you can respond instantly to customer queries and provide tailored advice across all communication channels – which improves operational efficiency significantly.

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To turn their visions into reality, national and international non-profit organisations (NPOs) need donations, member contributions, and human aid. This brings new challenges, as especially young people don’t just want to donate money but want to play an active part themselves.

NPOs therefore need to be innovative in their offerings, improve networking with donors, offer personalised experiences, and provide complete transparency. Furthermore, NPOs must include the community, serve the different channels of their dialogue groups, create new forms of customer relationships, and nurture them accordingly.

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Integrated solution for NPOs

PwC and have come together to offer a combined solution to digitally transform your NPO. With our NPO Booster, proven in over 70 European NPO implementations, you can fully automate your donation management and monitor donation interactions. NPO Booster accelerates all processes from pledge to payment, provides automated donation receipts, and enables you to run personalised fundraising campaigns.
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In manufacturing, off-the-shelf offers are a model of the past. The signs of the times are pointing to individualised products; sales, production, and service must be connected and digitalized. Collaborate more closely and more productively with your partners, distributors, and customers – and create more proximity with custom-made solutions.

Respond to your customers' requirements on-demand and enable more digital, dynamic, and efficient operations. This can be achieved with a smart and cross-departmental Salesforce CRM system, as the effective cooperation of all business lines only succeeds with digital strategies – from the first contact to the purchase and order transfer to production.

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Integrated solution for manufacturing

Our Field Service Enabler (FSE), a Salesforce-integrated solution, is a pre-configured toolbox built to accelerate the transformation of your service centre into a centre of excellence. FSE is aligned to the proven PwC BXT method that combines the three dimensions of business, experience, and technology to provide industry-standard business processes, personas, and technology stack. 

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There is probably no industry as fickle and fast-moving as the consumer goods industry. Customers have unprecedented choices, digital is standard, and they accept only the very best customer experience. To stand out in saturated markets and gain competitive advantages, innovative technologies are needed – as well as flexibility and the courage to change.

Convince with intelligent and personalised customer experiences. Secure long-term customer loyalty by creating a WOW experience through digital transformation. Answer customer queries directly to deliver short response times and to achieve high customer satisfaction. Empower your employees to focus on what is really important. In short: use the newest technology as your growth channel.

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Integrated solution for retail and consumer goods

Take charge of your B2B and B2C customers’ experiences with our Marketing 360 solution and build stronger analytics capabilities that drive value across all your investments. Marketing 360 provides all customer data at a click to process orders instantly and to get insight into every customer interaction. Fully automated and driven by artificial intelligence. 

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We advise the Swiss healthcare industry by providing data-based solutions designed to improve service quality and boost margins. We support you in all aspects of your own transformation. 

While their ultimate goal is to identify illnesses more quickly and optimise treatment methods, hospitals and other healthcare facilities also have to navigate a complex world of fees and successfully overcome financial challenges. 

"We help you cut costs and implement more efficient processes and procedures."

Tarek Raafat, Partner Life Sciences Consulting and Customer Transformation, PwC Switzerland

We implement Salesforce projects designed to deliver transformative business results for any industry. Thereby, we accelerate value through digital enablement and transform the way you manage your customer lifecycle across all channels, while increasing revenue and reducing costs. 

With Salesforce marketing cloud, for example, you can upgrade your marketing for unique customer experiences and tailor-made interactions. It provides you everything you need for automated, target-oriented, and effective marketing campaigns. Salesforce service cloud enables you to give your customers individual, round-the-clock support. It automates processes, rationalises workflows, identifies all important topics, and much more.

Integrated solution for service excellence

Service Excellence is our holistic solution with digital enablement to transform how you deliver services to your customers, enabling you to increase customer loyalty. Service Excellence means first-rate customer service, at all times and on all your communication channels. Go the extra mile for your customers.

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“Every industry has its own challenges. We develop industry-specific solutions for you to offer unique experiences to your customers.”

Alexander Schultz-Wirth, Partner, Head Customer Transformation, PwC Switzerland

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We are there for you, wherever you are and are quick to react to changes. 

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We evaluate your requirements to give you the advice you need thanks to our large benchmarking pool.

Agile and efficient
We work with sprints to deliver rapid results, reduce risks and enable efficient implementation.

We are a global strategic partner of Salesforce. Driven by the idea that companies should treat all customers as if they were the only one, we have developed industry-specific solutions powered by Salesforce and help you implement the Salesforce solution that fully meets your needs.

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Furthermore, we’re continually investing in areas that matter. That’s why we’re delighted to be named the 'Most Certified Salesforce User Experience Designer Partner in EMEA in 2022'. It’s all about bringing together Business, Experience and Technology (BXT) in a way that our clients achieve sustained business success. 

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