Salesforce Community Cloud

Collaboration redefined: interact intelligently with your customers and partners.

How does Community Cloud work?

The online social platform Community Cloud allows you to connect customers, partners and staff, to close deals faster and to support customers more efficiently. Our PwC experts help you to build communities where your customers support each other and answer questions for each other. Community Cloud turns your customers into partners.

Community Cloud is the customer gateway for the next generation. It is based on the Salesforce platform, and systems and data from third parties can be easily integrated into your communities. The Community Cloud offers direct access to information – for anybody, anywhere, anytime.

Capitalise the potential of your community

  • A community has greater knowledge than an individual. Direct access to technical articles, use cases, FAQs, and the collective know-how of the community allows your customers to help themselves.
  • The community can solve many customer requests on its own. If a question remains unanswered, your staff are there to help.
  • Promote the exchange of specific skills and knowledge, and create a lively and dynamic community by rewarding your most active members.
  • Integrate your e-commerce platform into Community Cloud. Increase your turnover by allowing customers to discover and buy products in a branded environment.

  • Share contacts, leads, and information with your business partners. Integrate systems from third parties to centralise prices and stock.
  • Connect your partners with product experts. By adjusting the sharing settings, you can make sure that only relevant information can be viewed.
  • Actively check your feed. Turn leads into business opportunities and set a marketing budget.
  • Track and rate the services of your partners and make sure they all have the same priorities.

  • Make sure that your data is integrated into your core business processes, that your files are synchronised across all devices, and that your staff have easy, secure and mobile data access.
  • Structure your activities. Discuss an upcoming event, a new product or a campaign in groups.
  • Automate the creation of topic pages to get easy access to information and collect all the relevant input on one page. This allows users to follow relevant conversations in the community.
  • Encourage in-house innovation. Let your staff develop ideas and participate in projects, anywhere and anytime. 

“Community Cloud enables closer collaboration with your suppliers, business partners and customers. You get to know what is on your community’s mind and you can react immediately.”

Alexander Schultz-Wirth, Partner, Leader Customer Transformation, PwC Switzerland

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