The right strategy for growth

The right strategy for growth

Markets and Industries are repeatedly subject to profound changes. In addition, companies must also undergo change if they wish to continue to grow. Whilst this brings many risks, the right strategy will also open up new opportunities.

We can help you find the right strategy for your business - in Switzerland and abroad. With our sound knowledge and consultancy experience we can respond to your needs, identify trends, and work with you to develop a successful long-term plan.


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Achieving your strategic objectives

Fit for Growth

Our Fit for Growth and Tax approach offers you a unique combination of operations and tax expertise. So whatever the challenges you face and the goals you want to achieve, we will work together closely from the outset to find the best individual solution for you.

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PwC’s Experience Center is a combination of agency and consultancy that helps clients accelerate their NextGen digital experiences through creativity and creating business impact.

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M&A Transformation

A successful acquisition demands an effective strategy and a suitable takeover target. PwC's expertise can guide you through the transaction process, and thanks to our global network, we will also be able to identify a number of potential acquisition targets. We can review and evaluate these and present the results for your consideration. This will leave you free to focus on your business in the meantime.

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Our consultancy services


Thanks to our global network, we can offer the best strategic consultancy anywhere in the world, with every phase defined, implemented and monitored by our experienced country experts.

We will work together with you to develop the optimum strategy for your business..

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PwC is a leading Salesforce partner with a global network of software architects, developers and industry experts. Our proven BXT method combines three dimensions ̶̶ «business, experience and technology». The results obtained with this method are able to meet the ever-changing challenges of your industry and make PwC the perfect partner to implement your Salesforce project end to end.

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The customer experience is one of your most important competitive advantages. Any company that inspires its customers every time it contacts them along the customer journey will earn loyalty and increased sales. We can assist you with market analysis and customer segmentation, marketing & sales, customer service and analytics.

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PwC assists clients in improving the performance of all aspects of their organisations, both management of Human Capital and HR operational excellence, through thought leadership and innovation.

We work in partnership to reset your talent strategy to deliver extraordinary results through your people.

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PwC can guide the digital transformation of your company, from the analysis phase through to the preparation and implementation of your strategy. Our work always has one clear objective in mind: the need to create sustainable value for your digital future.

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Whether it's succession planning, a corporate sale or acquisition, we can support you and keep you fully informed throughout corporate transactions.

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Portfolio and Program Management

PwC’s PPM capabilities have been developed to address the most frequent and significant challenges you face when approaching organizational change programs. 

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Sustainability & Climate Change

In today’s fast-changing market, your company should nonetheless plan for the long term. This will enable you to avoid regulatory risks, and will help you to manage your business in a responsible, sustainable manner.
PwC is the ideal partner to help you to deal with future national and global developments.

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Risk Management

Digitisation and globalisation bring great opportunities for companies, but also new risks. Therefore, risk management has become just as important to the success of your business as innovation.
Protect yourself against money laundering, economic espionage and cyber attacks – we can show you how.

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Financial Consulting

Our financial advice will guide you through all major business decisions: We'll show you how to improve performance, optimise your processes and make your company fit for future challenges.

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Forensic Services

We understand the need to find evidence while maintaining proportionality and minimising cost and disruption. Thanks to experience from eDiscovery cases worldwide, we advise lawyers and company executives on how to best prepare for the possibility of a discovery request.

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