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Grow your business based on your customers' needs

Elaboration of a customer growth strategy for an international pharmaceutical company

To actively generate growth, you need to have a customer growth strategy based on your customers’ needs and aligned with your and your customers’ core brands and values. Buyer journeys must be designed to provide highest quality experiences, underpinned with hard analytics. But sometimes, this is not enough, and you must bring external stakeholders on board. Read how we supported an international pharmaceutical company to master specific challenges and to expand in Europe.

Structural hurdles

An internationally active pharmaceutical company is aiming to set up the structure and new organisational processes to expand the market for an innovative pain relief drug to Europe. Although the pharma company has received the regulatory approval for the drug, the market rollout is harder than expected due to additional hurdles in the healthcare sector. One of the challenges is that the drug has not yet achieved reimbursement status in several European countries. The company asked us to develop a go-to-market strategy on how to achieve exponential growth in Europe and to elaborate an implementation plan.

Analysis and roadmap

PwC first analysed the market potential for the new drug and assessed the market access landscape in the target countries. Supported by insights from payers and healthcare professionals who treat pain patients in hospitals and emergency situations, we then developed a strategic plan on how to achieve broad access to the different markets and optimise cost coverage. In addition to traditional reimbursement approaches, we searched for alternative channels. We also developed a roadmap for the necessary evidence packages and organisational capabilities to unlock the various opportunities. 

«PwC helped us develop our understanding of the emergency pain relief market in Europe as well as how to optimally access this market. Their analysis provided us with a clear plan on how to achieve our growth targets.»

Client, International pharmaceutical company
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Path to growth

Based on our analysis and strategic growth plan, our client was able to gain a clear perspective on the different access scenarios and potential growth outcomes. The sound go-to-market strategy and the implementation plan we developed not only enabled the client to efficiently target on promising access routes and follow them, but also to plan and build up the required resources and capabilities. With PwC’s help, the company is now in a position to set the path to achieve the relevant EU market growth. 

In a nutshell 

  • Examination of the market potential for the new drug
  • Assessment of the market access landscape in the target countries
  • Development of a strategic growth plan on how to achieve broad access to the different markets and optimise cost coverage
  • Establish a roadmap for the necessary evidence packages and organisational capabilities 

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