Company valuation & business plan modelling

The foundation of successful transactions: Company valuation and business plan modelling

Significant questions about company value emerge as part of entrepreneurial initiatives – be it an acquisition or a disposal, a merger of companies or divisions, capital measures or a listing on the stock exchange: What is the capitalised earnings value of my company based on an integrated business plan?

Which discount rate and which multiples can be derived from the markets? Which price is viable for the buyer? Which price for the seller? How many shares should be held in the planned joint venture? What cash flow can I expect from the company? And is there a need for funding?

Complex valuations and financial modelling: We are your partner in all aspects of valuation

Our experienced valuation and modelling experts will assist you in answering all questions related to business valuation, the modelling of individual assets within business plans and the financial strategy. We analyse companies, divisions, individual assets or financial instruments. Regardless of whether it is a start-up, a medium-sized enterprise, a publicly listed or a private equity, or a company in crisis, an expert value analysis is the foundation of every corporate initiative.

Occasions for valuation: as diverse as the companies to be analysed

There are numerous occasions for company valuations. These include structural measures under company law such as mergers, contributions in kind, squeeze-outs, control and profit transfer agreements. Business valuations are often necessary as part of intra-group restructuring and contractual agreements, for instance when shareholders enter or leave the company or in the context of inheritance disputes. Valuation issues also arise from tax considerations and for accounting purposes (e.g. purchase price allocations and subsequent impairment tests under IAS 36).

The right solution for every situation

We will act as your adviser, neutral expert or arbitrator, depending on the particular situation and the purpose of the business valuation. Our experts will assist you with their extensive knowledge in corporate finance, company law, financing, accounting and taxation as well as business plan modelling. Depending on the requirements, we will prepare indicative valuations and capital market-oriented reports, purchase price allocations, impairment tests, fairness opinions as well as detailed expert opinions. We apply internationally recognised valuation methods such as the discounted cash flow (DFC) method,  capitalised earnings valuation and  market multiples analysis. We have the necessary experience to apply appropriate valuation procedures in complex financing and transaction structures. We have the necessary experience to apply appropriate valuation procedures in complex financing and transaction structures and to answer your questions regarding the value of intangible assets such as trademarks, intellectual property and technologies.

We already use tomorrow’s tools today

In our work, we use state-of-the-art deal analytics tools to develop innovative and efficient solutions for you. We always adapt the financial models to the specific requirements of your industry and market environment. We also review, update and optimise your existing models. And of course you can also count on us if you want to create your own financial models. You can also get an initial impression of your company’s value with our easy-to-use online tool (eValuation).

Insights that create value

We combine industry knowledge with valuation and modelling expertise. You benefit from our integrated range of services in the field of transactions and consulting. You can also rely on us after the transaction. We will assist you in identifying and exploiting further potential for value enhancement. Based on the solutions we have customised for you, we show you interesting opportunities and room to manoeuvre. That way, you can make well-informed decisions. Our motto is: your deal is our deal. Working together, we will design the right deal for you, even in turbulent times.

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