Private equity advisory services

Our private equity specialists advise you at every stage of your private equity transactions. From fund structuring to deal origination and execution to working with portfolio companies and exit planning – PwC's experts offer you all the services you need to successfully execute your private equity strategy.

Funds structuring

Our private equity team consists of highly experienced and multidisciplinary professionals specialised in serving private equity firms and their portfolio companies. We have a proven track record and are uniquely positioned to be your trusted partner throughout the private equity lifecycle.

Whether you are planning to launch a new fund or sourcing new investments for an existing fund, we have the know-how to structure your fund and your investments in a tax-efficient manner.

Our experts help you navigate the maze of tax issues that arise in determining the fund’s investments, considering both your investors' tax situations and your carried interest and co-investment plans.

Deal services

PwC advises you at each step of the transaction. For deal origination, we leverage our industry knowledge and global network to help you identify and evaluate potential acquisition targets.

We coordinate other advisers' input and assist you in all negotiations. We consult on optimising the growth story and minimising value detractors, timing the sales process, and identifying potential buyers. Our sales process management ensures a smooth operation for all parties involved.

Our deal experts advise not only on the financial aspects of deals, including debt advisory, but also on a wide range of operational and strategic issues. Our integrated service model includes financial, operational, and commercial due diligence – and ensures that your deal is handled in a tax-efficient manner all the way to the exit. 

Portfolio services

Our team of private equity consultants helps your portfolio companies become more efficient, compete more effectively, and unbundle their supply chain. Our corporate finance experts support you in finding bolt-on acquisitions and strategically refinancing debt. Our tax team ensures that your portfolio companies operate in a tax-efficient manner and are structured to allow for a tax-efficient exit.

Many portfolio companies will face financial pressure during an economic downturn due to lower operating cash flow, reduced borrowing capacity or compliance with contractual terms. It is critical to anticipate pressure points and to deal with them effectively. Our extensive experience helps you and your portfolio companies optimise cash management and develop practical financing solutions to keep operational control and minimise costs.

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