Increase enterprise value (origination and value creation)

Identifying and executing attractive transactions

Anyone seeking to increase the value of their company is often faced with a varied number of options. Only by correctly analysing the value creation potential, identifying transaction targets and correctly assessing the risks can optimal decisions be made.

Our experienced interdisciplinary team will work with you to develop the right concept to sustainably increase your company’s value.

Your concern

Planning transactions

You want to increase your enterprise value and you want to know how to increase it through internal optimisation potential or whether improvement is only possible through acquisitions? Are you looking for attractive transaction targets to complement your existing business portfolio with new products and services? Do you want to venture into new regional markets or invest in holdings? Then you need to identify potential business fields and target companies as well as investigate their market shares and market access. But that alone is not enough. Shareholder, customer and supplier relationships must also be understood. To this end, brand value must be evaluated, risks assessed and key company figures analysed. Potential synergies that can be achieved through a successful integration must also be identified.

Our offering

Interdisciplinary industry experts

We will help you to find suitable acquisition targets for your company and also support you in the ongoing process of the transaction, for example by providing expert advice throughout the various due diligence phases. From accounting and controlling to the optimal acquisition financing – your PwC team will advise you in an interdisciplinary, objective and transparent manner. We help you keep an eye on transaction costs and identify potential problems at an early stage. Our dedicated Value Creation team meets the growing expectations of accelerated value creation by performing a comprehensive analysis of the target and developing a suite of improvement opportunities based on the PwC Value Bridge. Understanding the true potential for value creation forms a crucial part for a successful transaction.

Whether you are looking for a transaction expert, a strategy consultant, tax or real estate specialist, our team knows your industry and is there to support you with its expertise. We have the information and know-how you need for a successful transaction. We also use our extensive industry experience to identify and approach potential investors as needed.

Our promise

Working together to increase your company’s value. Our motto is: your deal is our deal. Together, we will design the right deal for you, even in turbulent times.

PwC is one of the world’s leading transaction advisers because we create value for our clients through our global network of experts and expertise. Let us identify your next transaction target together and find out how we can sustainably increase your company’s value with the right transaction.

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