Working Capital Management

Identify and optimise working capital potential sustainably

Companies that excel in working capital management have a real competitive advantage. The current uncertainties in the global economy and financial markets are putting severe pressure on companies and their supply chains.

Against a backdrop of continued volatility in key markets around the world, executives across Europe are struggling with the need to equip their businesses for the digital transformation by balancing revenue growth, earnings and cash flow while stabilising their balance sheets. Investors and rating agencies are increasingly paying attention to these issues, making it more important now than ever to focus on maximising liquidity or cash flow.

Sustainable optimisation of working capital

CEOs, CFOs, sales managers, CPOs and other functionaries have plenty of questions. How can additional financing needs be met with better working capital management? How can cash awareness and developing liquidity and working capital be made transparent throughout the business and throughout the working capital cycle to incentivise compliance? How do my payment terms compare to the rest of the industry and how can they be aligned with the competition? How can I best manage the difficult balancing act between cash, cost and service? How can I improve the sales and operations planning (S&OP) processes? And how can I present inventory overviews in a clear way and at the same time indicate overdue receivables? We will assist you in answering all these questions and more, because once the opportunities have been identified, a detailed implementation plan must be drawn up and the targets set out in order to release or generate liquidity for growth-enhancing investments.

Extensive industry and professional know-how

We will assist you in meeting the challenges of working capital management and run working capital benchmarks to compare your performance with companies in a similar market environment to quickly identify areas for improvement. Then we perform a diagnostic review to identify “quick wins” and longer-term opportunities to improve working capital. We also support you in implementing sustainable working capital improvements in clear and efficient collaborative processes. We always focus on the most important levers of

  1. Identifying and improving contractual terms and conditions
  2. Optimising processes throughout the end-to-end working capital cycle
  3. Compliance and monitoring
  4. Creating and embedding a “cash culture” in the company

Our team has extensive industry experience and in-depth expertise and is your contact for all questions relating to working capital. Together, we can work to identify potential, leverage it and ensure that you reach your targets efficiently and effectively. You can use the released liquidity to make investments. In addition, you promote the sustainable growth of your company and increase the company value. As a PwC client, you benefit from a global network of experts and specific industry know-how. We create value for our clients and ensure that not only is liquidity generated in the short term, but also that the value of your business increases in the long term. This is how we create added value for companies and for the stakeholders involved. Our motto is: working together with you, we want to make your company even better.

“Working capital management” is part of our transaction advisory services. You can find an overview of all our advisory services here. We can also carry out an initial working capital analysis and examine optimisation potential as part of a due diligence process.

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