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Organisation Design

We develop, design, and implement organisational transformation to improve performance and generate lasting growth.

Realise strategy through aligning your organisations capabilities, structures and people.

Contact us if…

  • Your operating model needs to address the “future of work”, digital disruption and other technological advances that impact your people
  • You have a change in strategic direction, merger or acquisition that will mean a change in structure, governance or leadership team responsibilities
  • You are considering options for restructuring through global business services or outsourcing initiatives
  • You’re facing pressure to control costs through restructuring, centralisation and/or sourcing
  • Your organisational model has grown unnecessarily complex over time


How we can help

  • Baseline your organisation in terms of people, processes and cost
  • Understand business strategy and leadership alignment
  • Identify opportunities for improvement within operating model constraints
  • Define end-state vision and design criteria to achieve your strategy
  • Review and redesign organisational models and practices across your entire organisation or specific functions
  • Develop conceptual models highlighting core capabilities, activities and key interactions required to enable your strategic ambition
  • Design a detailed organisational structure, including capabilities, accountabilities and key performance indicators aligned behind your strategic goals
  • Redesign ways of working to ensure people are clear on how to effectively operate within the new structures
  • Review and redesign governance frameworks to enable effective decision-making in the new structure
  • Stress test organisational design options by using key business scenarios
  • Develop tools to ensure smooth transition to a new structure (e.g. play books, job descriptions, staff communication and engagement plans)
  • Develop change impact assessments, transition principles and implementation plans
  • Partner with HR to embed new structures and support employee and union consultation

Contact us

David Vaury

Director, People & Organisation, Lausanne, PwC Switzerland

+41 58 792 81 07