Organisation Design

Together, we craft, design, implement and adopt organisational transformation in a sustainable and people-centric way to maximise the delivery of your strategy.

Is your organisation future-proof?

The workplace is changing fast as the combination of shifting demographics and new technologies, such as artificial intelligence, automation and increased connectivity are creating exciting organisational opportunities across sectors. Ultimately, a remote, flexible, and agile set-up as well as a purpose-driven environment for people to work in is fundamental. However, organisations often struggle to adapt their design, culture, and ways of working. This results in lack of accountability, slow decision making, silo thinking and no end-to-end collaboration, which leads to stress and misalignment within but also across teams. Consequently, a lean target operating model that addresses the “future of work”, digital disruption and other technological advances promotes the future success and flexibility of your organisation and workforce.

Interested in exploring this with us?

40% of global CEOs think their organisation will no longer be economically viable in a decade, if it continues its current course.

PwC’s 26th Annual Global CEO Survey

How can we help you?

Our experts provide a compelling view on your organisational design challenges and co-create together with you targeted measures to amplify your firm’s strategy. Our team applies qualitative and quantitative tools that help to assess your current organisation and the required capabilities to design a new target operating model, including ways of working, governance structure, reporting lines, (new) roles and accountabilities, which is in line with your company’s strategy and the adjusted competitive landscape. Hence, we look at your organisation in a holistic view, addressing both formal (e.g., structure, roles, responsibilities) and informal (e.g., culture, behaviours) elements of your organisation to create a fit-for-purpose business.

By adopting a participatory approach, we support your organisational transformation from assessment to implementation.

  • Understand business strategy and leadership alignment
  • Organisation DNA diagnostics and assessment
  • Organisation efficiency and effectiveness assessment
  • Identify current strengths, pain points, key success factors and opportunities within operating model constraints
  • Define end-state vision and design criteria
  • Good-practice benchmarking
  • Review and redesign organisational models and practices across organisation or specific functions
  • Determine design criteria of the future organisational structure
  • Develop conceptual models highlighting core capabilities, activities and key interactions required to enable your strategic ambition
  • Define operating model strategy and design with formal and informal levers
  • Integrate and develop digital capabilities
  • Redesign ways of working
  • Review and redesign governance frameworks to enable effective decision-making
  • Conduct stress tests by using key business scenarios
  • Culture evolution and informal organisation development
  • Develop tools to ensure a smooth transition (e.g., playbooks, job descriptions, staff communication plans)
  • Develop change impact assessments, transition principles and implementation plans
  • Partner with HR to embed the new structures
  • Define KPIs to measure the organisational change
  • Review TOM on a regular basis and make incremental adjustments

Our approach is human-led and tech-powered

At PwC, we seek to combine the power of technology and human ingenuity to resolve the most important problems that businesses, communities and society are facing. Hence, we act as your sparring partner and support you with:

Clarifying your organisation’s core competencies, processes, business traits and your employees’ roles and responsibilities

Providing professional support for the implementation of the developed organisational design, applying tried and tested methods

Creating a strong alignment between stakeholders (teams, business units and countries) to identify concrete needs and expectations of your audience

We bring together organisational design, business strategy and people transformation experts to achieve the desired impact of Organisational Design. Learn more about our different services here:



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