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Create value through sustainability

Sustainability has an increasingly dramatic impact on businesses, investors, consumers, the workforce, and governments. The Covid-19 pandemic, while disruptive in its` own right, has amplified the push for resilience and sustainable approaches. Stakeholders are seeking more than just financial transparency; they expect businesses to understand and guide their operations based on environmental and social impacts.
Operating sustainably not only averts regulatory risks but also unveils long-term benefits. PwC’s sustainability practice assists businesses in becoming future-ready by making them more resilient, agile, and sustainable.

We provide guidance on a wide variety of sustainability topics, working with corporate, private equity and public sector clients. We specialise in assisting organisations to identify risks and seize emerging opportunities. Together, we move from theory to action with a practical, purpose-led plan that will deliver sustained outcomes.

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Sustainability must be at the heart of business. Only then we deliver better results for customers, employees, and investors.

Christophe BourgoinPartner, Investor Reporting and Sustainability Platform Leader, PwC Switzerland

From strategy to governance.
To sustainable, sustained outcomes.

From gap assessments and reporting, to strategy and implementation: our clients are at different stages in their transformation to a more sustainable business model – and different companies face different industry-related challenges. We help you with every step on your sustainability journey.

Sustainability Reporting

Focus on what matters with tailor-made sustainability reporting. 

At PwC, we believe sustainability reporting is not just an instrument – it’s a catalyst for transformative change. We offer comprehensive expertise in all aspects of sustainability, providing both a deep-dive into specific topics and an overarching perspective. Our approach goes beyond compliance and regulation - we focus on transparency, benchmarking, and most importantly, action. 

Our services include:

  • assessments, gap analyses, and improvement strategies

  • carbon accounting and scenario modelling

  • selection and integration of sustainability data

  • regulatory compliance and due diligence

  • sustainability report generation

  • tax transparency and assurance services

Join us as we shape the future of sustainability.

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Sustainable Supply Chains

Building resilient and sustainable supply chains

Integrating sustainability into procurement and operations not only addresses regulatory and stakeholder demands but also offers benefits such as access to capital, risk mitigation, improved brand reputation, increased consumer trust, and thus a competitive advantage. Value chain optimisation and supply chain decarbonisation are at the forefront of the required actions.

We put our experience to work by helping you:

  • assess the risks in your supply chain and the steps necessary to protect your brand

  • consider best practices from various industry sectors

  • define the standards you require from your suppliers to make sure they’re sustainable

  • measure the financial cost or potential impact of your carbon, water, and other usage on the environment and local communities

  • redesign global supply chains to be cost-efficient, minimising their impact on the environment, and delivering products and services on time 

Join us as we explore the future of sustainable supply chains, where resilience meets responsibility.

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Climate, Nature, and Biodiversity

The time to act is now

Nature is our basis of life.. The natural world provides the air we breathe, the water we drink and the essential resources and services that enable our societies and economies to thrive. So when nature is under threat, it has an impact on all of us. The planet is warming up at an unprecedented speed and biodiversity is decreasing even faster. Did you know that today more than half the value of global economy depends on nature? 

At PwC, we believe fighting climate change and preserving ecosystems is paramount for doing good business. We’re here to guide you towards becoming both a climate-resilient and nature-positive business. 

Our sustainability solutions help you turn the daunting challenges into strategic opportunities.

We help you:

  • understand your baseline and measure your carbon footprint 

  • develop and implement your net zero, decarbonisation, and biodiversity strategies

  • meet all regulatory requirements, ensuring transparency and credibility

  • navigate the complex landscape of environmental taxes to reduce your liability

  • adopt sustainable real estate practices, promote e-mobility, and move to renewable energy sources

Solve some of the planet’s most pressing issues with us.

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Sustainable Capital

Empowering change with sustainable capital

Investing with impact. It is the equal responsibility of businesses and investors to manage to raise and invest capital with a sustainable focus. That’s why it is important to understand all the opportunities and risks associated with sustainable capital, not only for your own business but also for society as a whole. 

We provide you with a comprehensive view, advising on strategy and transformation, regulatory and reporting issues, assessing your impact portfolio, and supporting you with your transactions and across the entire deal cycle.

Our sustainable finance services include:

  • Sustainability strategy and integration

  • Sustainable investments and products

  • Sustainability in reporting

  • Regulatory compliance and risk management

Our sustainable deals solutions include:

  • Sustainability strategy design, implementation, and review (incl. impact on deals process) 

  • Review / modelling of strategic sustainability options

  • Sustainability due diligence in a deals context

  • Synergy / carve-out assessment and integrations / separations

  • Sustainability operating model design, implementation, and review 

Money is power – join us in using it responsibly to build a better future.

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Sustainability Technology and Data solutions

Is your sustainability performance digitally enabled? 

Amid rising sustainability reporting mandates like the EU CSRD and Swiss RBI, along with other environmental and supply chain requirements, Swiss businesses are increasingly dependent on sustainability data to ensure robust operations, informed decision-making, and showcase their commitment to ethical practices. The key to meeting these regulatory and stakeholder demands sits with robust data and IT systems.

Through our tailor-made, tech-enabled solutions we help you: 

  • conduct a thorough materiality assessment and determine your subsequent data and tech needs 

  • establish a comprehensive sustainability framework and identify precise data points / data elements for tracking progress 

  • align your sustainability ambitions with your corporate strategy

  • integrate your sustainability data seamlessly into your existing processes and IT system 

  • implement tools and processes for efficient ESG data collection, analysis, and reporting

Unlock the power of sustainability technology with us.

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Bringing sustainability at the heart of your corporate strategy 

Our approach to developing a sustainability strategy is holistic, encompassing more than just carbon reduction and net-zero targets. 

It includes critical business strategy areas like diversity, equality, inclusion, employee wellbeing, social responsibility, and ethical supply chains. Leveraging the broad expertise within the PwC network, we ensure strategies are commercially sound and compliant. We help our clients create value, strengthen stakeholder trust, and build a resilient and prosperous business.

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Committing to Net Zero

Climate change is one of the most pressing problems facing our world today. It is in the interests of everyone that we see systemic change that averts climate catastrophe and unlocks the potential of green growth.

At PwC, we believe the business community has a key role to play in making that happen. And we’re determined to play our part. That’s why we’re making a worldwide commitment to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions, with near-term science-based targets set for 2030.

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ESG e-learning courses

You can’t manage what you don’t measure.

Businesses are now understanding that their environmental and social impact in the community – as well as their corporate governance structure and transparency – will become crucial elements for their long-term sustainability and competitiveness.

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What you will learn in these courses:
  • Introduction to ESG reporting
  • Sustainable Finance
  • Net zero
  • Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive and EU taxonomy
  • Change management and corporate culture
  • International Diversity management

ESG research and insights

For a more in-depth exploration of specific areas or key issues, check out the themed publications from our ESG experts.

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