ESG: Criteria and Implementation

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Create value through ESG

ESG are a set of environmental, social and governance standards for company operations; criteria used by many investors. More and more stakeholders now demand transparency and sustainable actions and are interested in information that goes beyond a company’s financial report. They expect companies to take responsibility by identifying the ecological and social impact of their business models, and steering it through sustainable development.

Managing your business in a responsible and sustainable manner, will help you to avoid regulatory risks and catch long-term opportunities. Move from theory to action with a practical, purpose-led plan that will deliver sustained outcomes.

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ESG key considerations and how we support

If you ever wondered, we can help you find the answers: From strategy to implementation to reporting. Different companies are at different stages along the transformation to a more sustainable business model. We help you at every step of your ESG journey.

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ESG strategy

Is my ESG strategy embedded in my corporate strategy and in line with my sustainability commitments and industry best practice?

We critically review your ESG strategy and operationalisation measures related to all impacted functions to detect gaps and highlight risks and opportunities to best achieve your sustainability goals.

  • ESG strategy and governance
  • Accelerator workshop / gap and readiness assessment
  • Benchmarking

ESG and innovation 
ESG Strategy
ESG strategy in global trade

Sustainable finance

How do I increase returns with sustainable investing and financing solutions?

We support you in optimising ESG product and service offerings and go-to-market strategies in order to increase returns and at the same time to be compliant and mitigate risks on greenwashing.

  • Sales channel and process optimisation
  • Product adjustment and development
  • ESG-optimised client journeys
  • Revenue and margin
  • Tax consulting and supply chain

Sustainability in Insurance Sustainable Finance
Circular finance

Sustainable workforce

How do I engage my employees to act in line with my ESG strategy?

We support you in addressing the key components of sustainable diversity and inclusion management: equal pay and equal opportunities, D&I strategy, awareness and education, D&I analytics and building an inspiring D&I culture.

  • Social responsibility
  • Equal salary / executive compensation
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Employee education

Diversity & InclusionResponsible business
Equal Salary

ESG risks

How can I best quantify, integrate and manage ESG risks?

We support you in assessing, quantifying and modelling ESG risks and help you in integrating them into your risk framework to fulfil regulatory standards expected from the market.

  • ESG risk quantification and modelling
  • ESG risk integration and management

ESG financial risk managementESG disclosures

ESG reporting

How can I optimise our ESG reporting?

We support you in reporting scope definition, efficient data access and automation to ensure you comply and communicate with impact on all reporting obligations and reach benchmark levels on stakeholder communication.

  • ESG report generation and assurance
  • ESG data selection and integration
  • Transparency (tax, supply chain, etc.)

ESG reportingInternational sustainability standards
Tax transparencySustainability Due Diligence

Committing to Net Zero

Climate change is one of the most pressing problems facing our world today. It is in the interests of everyone that we see systemic change that averts climate catastrophe and unlocks the potential of green growth.

At PwC, we believe the business community has a key role to play in making that happen. And we’re determined to play our part. That’s why we’re making a worldwide science-based commitment to reach net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.

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ESG e-learning courses

You can’t manage what you don’t measure.

Businesses are now understanding that their environmental and social impact in the community – as well as their corporate governance structure and transparency – will become crucial elements for their long-term sustainability and competitiveness.

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What you will learn in these courses:
  • Introduction to ESG reporting
  • Sustainable Finance
  • Net zero
  • Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive and EU taxonomy
  • Change management and corporate culture
  • International Diversity management

Centre for Nature Positive Business

The natural world provides the air we breathe, the water we drink and the essential resources and services that enable our societies and economies to thrive. So when nature is under threat, it has an impact on all of us.

Businesses face new risks from nature loss, and will need to address the emerging regulatory, consumer and investor response. PwC's global Centre for Nature Positive Business unites more than 500 nature specialists from across our network. Bringing together knowledge in biodiversity, water, forestry, regenerative agriculture and geospatial analysis, the Centre is accelerating the global transition to a nature positive and net zero future.

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ESG research and insights

For a more in-depth exploration of specific areas or key issues, check out the themed publications from our ESG experts.

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Contact us

Christophe Bourgoin

Christophe Bourgoin

Partner, Investor Reporting and ESG Leader, PwC Switzerland

Tel: +41 58 792 25 37

Jodie Lai Fong

Jodie Lai Fong

Director, ESG Reporting and Capital Markets & Accounting Advisory Services , PwC Switzerland

Tel: +41 58 792 2340

Dr. Antonios  Koumbarakis

Dr. Antonios Koumbarakis

Sustainability & Regulatory Leader, PwC Switzerland

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Marc Lehmann

Marc Lehmann

Operational Excellence & ESG Transformation Leader, PwC Switzerland

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Flora Marin

Flora Marin

Director, ESG Incentives and Value Chain Transformation, PwC Switzerland

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Craig Stevenson

Craig Stevenson

Partner, Sustainability & Climate Change, PwC Switzerland

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Dr. Astrid Offenhammer

Dr. Astrid Offenhammer

Senior Manager, Sustainability Regulation Corporates, PwC Switzerland

Tel: +41 78 696 32 11

Erik Steiger

Erik Steiger

Partner, ESG Tax Reporting and Strategy, PwC Switzerland

Tel: +41 58 792 59 40