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How do you measure up?

Ladies and Gentlemen

As the chairman of PwC Switzerland I value a trusting and enriching dialogue with you, and I am passionate about the extraordinary power and uniqueness of our partnership.

Our role as leaders is becoming more and more challenging. Volatile markets, geopolitical uncertainties, regulatory changes and digital transformation all demand great reserves of agility, collaboration, competence and experience. The challenge of sustainability across the environmental, social and governance (ESG) dimensions is particularly pressing, as is the battle to secure and retain talent. These developments are forcing us to rethink our business models and invest in the resilience and sustainable governance of our organisations.

I warmly invite you to debate these issues with us. I am convinced that we can harness the opportunities more effectively and address the risks more systematically if we join forces, collaborate actively and pool our experience.

On this page, you can find out where and when we’d like to engage with you in dialogue, notably regarding which topics should be on our agendas. I look forward to our next exchange.

Sebastian di Paola

Sebastian di Paola

Sebastian di Paola
PwC Switzerland


No matter if you're a new board member in Switzerland or have years of experience, we provide you with the insights you need to lead your company in the best way possible.


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Assessment for audit services and self-assessment

We’ve created these personalised questionnaires to help you do a periodic assessment of PwC and efficiently measure its performance. The idea is that you assess all the aspects of your external auditors that may be relevant for your organisation.

In addition, the questionnaires allow you to do an annual assessment of your own audit committee’s performance, which as you know is one of the recommendations included in economiesuisse’s Swiss Code of Best Practice for Corporate Governance. Beyond this you can also evaluate the performance of your board of directors, individual members or the compensation committee.

Contact us for an individual discussion:

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Sebastian di Paola

Sebastian di Paola

Chairman, PwC Switzerland

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Bruno Rossi

Bruno Rossi

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