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Shaping successful change in the public sector

New approaches for the public sector

Digitalisation, urbanisation, individualisation and ecological movement – these and other megatrends change the playing field. Public authorities and their leaders have some major challenges ahead of them: making their administrative practices more flexible, carrying out complex transformations, using new technologies and protecting data. At the same time, they need to further develop their organisational culture and continue training themselves and their staff in a targeted way.

With our services and network of experts in Switzerland and around the world, we can help you handle these tasks and manage the transition – and continue to make the most of the strengths of Swiss politics and administration.


Our main topics

It is not only the private sector that needs to be able to react quickly and forcefully to changing market influences – the same applies to public organisations too. This requires a completely new agility culture. An agile organisation focuses on its customers and values in a flexible way and integrates entire departments and teams into the process.

At the core of this cultural change is upskilling, i.e. targeted changes to training and development. This shifts the focus of training from functional training to technological, methodological, social and interdisciplinary skills. In addition, retraining and lifelong learning become the centre of attention.


People are expressing new needs and making themselves heard on social media, new participants are disrupting the markets with innovative approaches, technological progress is exploding and crime is going virtual. Public institutions can only tackle over these developments if they can win the trust of customers and employees.

Because trust brings security – and that starts with skilled risk management. To achieve this, they need to recognise, measure and evaluate weaknesses. Special attention needs to be paid to cybersecurity. Finally, decision-makers must establish an effective risk management process for their day-to-day work, both online and offline.

Automation means – for the public and private sectors alike – answering quicker, processing more requests or orders, and benefiting from economies of scale. But automation is more than just digitising processes, with robotic process automation (RPA) for example.

With the help of artificial intelligence, opportunities and challenges in day-to-day business can be taken on effectively and the bases for decision-making can be improved across the entire value chain. The result is not just lower costs, but above all greater satisfaction – on the part of customers, employees and business partners.


Supporting you from strategy through to implementation

How do you set your organisation’s strategic direction?

  • Strategic analysis
  • Capability-driven strategy design
  • Business model design
  • Transformation programmes and strategic initiatives


How do you effectively manage your organisation?

  • Public corporate governance
  • Quality and risk management
  • Financial management
  • Forensics

How do you make your organisation fit for the future?

  • Organisation and process optimisation
  • Upskilling
  • Procurement and sourcing
  • Enterprise Agility


How do you lay the groundwork for target-oriented transformation?

  • IT transformation
  • Data management and analytics
  • Cybersecurity


How do we successfully implement changes?

  • Programme and project management
  • Programme and project assurance
  • Valuations and transactions
  • Change management

For digital transformation in the public sector, we bring together everything from strategy to implementation, to form an integrated approach

  • Digital strategy and impulse programmes
  • Governance and organisation boosting digital transformation
  • Design and set-up of centres of excellence for digital transformation
  • User-centric design of public services
  • Agile government


Our experience is as diverse as your organisation

Our core teams advise federal government, cantons, cities and municipalities, state- owned companies, universities, civil society and international organisations. *

* The list is not exhaustive.


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The Global and Swiss Security Situation – Interview with General Allen

General Allen (United States Marine Corps 4-star), Tom Modly (Global Government Defense Leader, PwC US) in discussion with Moritz Oberli (Public Industry Leader, PwC Switzerland)

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