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Mastering disruptive change through business transformation

Helping you transform successfully

We enable Retail and Consumer Goods Manufacturers to grow their business
profitably by helping them master transformational change successfully from
strategy to execution. Our market share of retail and consumer goods companies is significant. We have strong expertise in food and beverage, as well as consumer packaged goods, luxury goods, and retailing. Our retail and consumer specialists focus on the sectors’ top issues, including digital transformation, growth strategies, operational excellence, mergers and acquisitions as well as sustainability. At PwC Advisory in Switzerland more than 400 experts offer retail and consumer goods companies integrated professional services under one roof.

Today's digital world presents retailers and consumer goods manufacturers with new challenges – for example, in data protection. You can use these changes in the business landscape as fresh opportunities to develop sustainable strategies to reduce costs and increase your productivity.

Mike Foley, Retail and Consumer Territory Leader


Research and insights

Alternative Lending: asset class characteristics

Alternative Lending: asset class characteristics

Allocation to alternative lending has experienced a significant increase among institutional investors. This significant growth has been driven in part by the attractive risk/reward characteristics of alternative lending and the stability of the cash flows it generates. In this white paper we aim to systematically evaluate these characteristics and compare them with other, similar assets.

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