People Strategy & HR Strategy

Getting your employees fully on board

People Strategy

We work with clients to review, align and develop HR functional strategies that realise the needs and intent of an organisation’s strategic business and people objectives. This sets the change agenda for the HR function of the future and works in alignment with the broader people strategy.

Contact us...

  • If you want to incorporate your business strategy into an effective people strategy.
  • If you want to revise your HR strategy after a change in business strategy, e.g. following a merger or takeover.
  • If you want advice or support with your HR technology or digital roadmap.

How we can help


  • Define a HR strategy which is consistent with your business strategy, where consideration is given to mega trends, (local) market trends, the (local) labour market and your current workforce.
  • Establish a people agenda for the coming 2–4 years.
  • Create a medium-term action plan for the coming 6–18 months.
  • Create a single HR digital eco system, which features plans for areas such as performance management, global talent mobility, leadership development, rewards, talent acquisition, learning & development and employee engagement.


  • Implement your plans worldwide, while considering local situations.
  • Clearly identify the effects of your HR strategy by measuring demonstrable impact on business results

Management & support

  • Identify your workforce capabilities via clear HR analytics and strategic personnel planning (strategic workforce planning).
  • Monitor your cultural and engagement/motivation challenges and objectives.

HR Function

Our HR projects increasingly have both a technology and a transformational element, shifting HR from transactional to strategic activity, a more agile and robust operating model, business driven talent and performance strategies, and a radically improved employee experience. This will be delivered through a customised HR operating model and the HR service delivery model which incorporates the strategic vision of HR and the business, clear processes, performance management, advanced technology and HR people capabilities.

Contact us...

  • If you want to know whether your HR objectives support your business strategy.
  • If you want to transform your HR function after restructuring activities.
  • If you want to develop your HR service organisation into a people services organisation.
  • If you want to further develop and optimise your organisation as a business partner.
  • If your HR organisation tends to restrict performance & engagement rather than improve it.
  • If you have concerns about the quality of your HR organisation and its output.
  • If you are considering outsourcing your HR processes.
  • If you want to reduce costs or improve the effectiveness and service levels of HR.
  • If you want to identify HR priorities and translate them into a plan of action.

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Myriam Denk

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Tobias Sattler

Tobias Sattler

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