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Family governance

How to unite business and family under one roof

Make family and business play in tune. Let us show you how.


There are at least two points of view when it comes to a family-run business: the family’s and that of the business. As the business owner, it is up to you to ensure that the interests and values of both sides are represented.

To keep a competitive edge, your business needs a framework, rules and entrepreneurial finesse. There is no other way to secure the growth of your family business beyond trends, safeguard your family members’ interests, combine different goals, skilfully include advisers, settle succession issues, and steer clear of – or solve for that matter – any conflict that may arise among the members of the entrepreneurial family.  

Make family and business play in tune. We can show you how.

Family Governance Services

Equip your family with a code of conduct that reflects the business attitude. And provide a strategic framework as a basis for the development of your business.

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Succession planning

Develop the roadmap, schedule and training for the generation handover. Do make sure that you include all those involved.

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Family governance with an owner strategy for the long run

There are existential challenges that you as the business owner will have to face: What is your family’s view on the family business, what are their values and goals? How are you going to secure the co-existence of family and business over generations? How are you going to stake your claim to leadership, how to keep the family shares? A leadership strategy will give you the answers to such questions. It is usually written down in the family constitution.

When it comes to leadership strategy, its implementation will be your chief obstacle. It is here that you can count on our outstanding family governance services.

«We drew up our family constitution with the help of PwC. They assisted us with a wealth of expertise and the right amount of sensitivity for our requirements. Their passion for family-run businesses is more than evident.»  

Anna Aebischer-Imfeld
Chairwoman of the Board, Westiform Holding AG

«As an external Chairman of the Board of Directors, I really appreciate it when an owner family fully engages with family governance issues. The support from PwC was one very practical example of the value of doing so.»

Marc Jaquet
External Chairman of the Board of Directors for a number of family businesses 

Family governance tools for family businesses


Governance-Instrumente in Familienunternehmen Source: Study - The high art of family governance.

Answer tomorrow’s questions today

Owner strategy pinpoints your HOW, or modus operandi so to speak. But prior to that, you will have to conclusively answer a series of questions. We thereby adopt a holistic perspective that includes all global and tax-related aspects, and all those under company law. To make sure your training will yield the right results, we tightly collaborate with INTES, PwC’s in-house Family Business Academy. 

Source: INTES Academy

Your key topics are in safe hands with our family governance services

We will empower you to take informed decisions for the long run, for your family and any future business development. You are in safe hands with our experts and the family governance services in the list below.

  • Consulting: support with owner strategy development, family constitution, corporate and family governance, and succession planning
  • Implementation: draft of family constitution, set of values, shareholder pooling agreement, conflict-solving mechanisms, and family office solutions. 



  • Seminars and workshops: experts with a substantial track record find answers to core questions of family, business and managers.
  • NextGen offer: experience exchange and networking events for the generation that is lined up to take over your business.

Our publications on behalf of family governance

Available in German language only.

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